The future of D&M is sustainable

The next generation of employees is “very influential” in motivating its companies to become more sustainable in the D&M sector.

The rate ranges from 29% in building products and manufacturing to 40% in industrial machinery. 

Jean-Francois Guiderdoni of ACWA Robotics, a robotics solutions for water management company, says young employees are motivated not only by compensation and challenging work but also by the feeling that they’re having a positive impact on the world. 

“You have a new generation of people who want to work on sustainability and make an impact,” Guiderdoni says. “The people who join us can be both technologically challenged through their work while seeing the impact of what they’re doing. They know they’re not just a cog in the machine.”

The next generation’s influence on sustainability

Percentage of respondents who say the next generation is driving sustainability initiatives

Survey question: How influential is the next generation in pressuring your company or organization to create and meet sustainability goals? 5-point scale. Top option = very influential.

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