Terms of Service Communication

We have updated our Terms of Service applicable to our Autodesk 360 services¹. Our services continue to improve and our terms and conditions have improved at the same time. We have increased the readability and have clarified additional protections for you. The words in our terms of service govern your use of the services but we wanted to share highlights of the improvements and modifications we have recently made to help you better understand the principles of how we treat your data, and our commitments around confidentiality and security.

So what exactly are these new changes? We’ve focused on these specific topics:

  1. Improved Readability: We worked hard to make the Terms of Service easier to read and understand. Of course they are legal terms and sometimes legal terms can sound strange but we hope we made them more straightforward.
  2. Confidentiality and Security: We have always taken the confidentiality and security of our customers’ content seriously. Although our services have always been designed to focus on protection of your content from unanticipated threats and third party access, we have added specific language around security and confidentiality.
  3. Authorized Users: Our services enable collaboration. We understand that customers may authorize users that are not their employees. With our named user models, our customers can securely authorize others working for them, or on a shared project, to access and use services a customer has paid for. We have made clear that you may allow these parties to use the service for your benefit.
  4. Content Ownership: Some users were concerned that if they used our services, they would give up ownership. Although it has always been our position that our customers own their content, we have tried to make it even clearer that customers own their content and we have updated the terms to make clear that you retain ownership of your content. We have also clarified the access Autodesk has to your content as part of providing you the services. The use of Autodesk’s cloud services involves access to your digital content and information. Without this access, these cloud services could not function.
  5. Post-Termination access to Content: We hope and expect that you will continue to use our services for years to come but we do understand that you may migrate away from our services in the future. Because we recognize your ownership of your content, we have added specific commitments to make your content available to you if our relationship ends.

We have also updated our Privacy Statement to make it easier to read, and to include our privacy practices for our personal design and creativity tools such as Socialcam, Instructables, Pixlr and We continue to treat your personal information with care and respect. The updated Privacy Statement and Terms of Service are effective as of March 19, 2013.

¹ Autodesk 360 services include Autodesk 360, Sim 360, BIM 360 and PLM 360. Other Autodesk services are governed by separate terms and conditions. Go to for information about other applicable terms.