Special Service Terms for Project Ignite

Last Updated: October 24, 2014

Your access to and use of this Service is governed by these Special Service Terms and the Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”) which incorporate these Special Service Terms by this reference (collectively, “these Terms” herein). 


By publishing, sharing, posting Your Content (eg. a lesson or course) or otherwise making it available for other users to use, view or access through the Service, you grant to each other user of the Service a non-exclusive worldwide right to use, copy, display, share, distribute, rate, comment on, create works based on, and publicly perform Your Content pursuant to the terms of the Creative Commons license selected by you and posted or linked with Your Content through a functionality of the Service. Such license is an agreement solely between you and the other user (as licensee) of Your Content, as we are neither a party to that license nor affiliated with Creative Commons. Nothing in these Terms or elsewhere authorizes you to grant any rights or licenses with respect to any of Our Materials, including any of Our Materials that may be attached to any of Your Content. The right to use Our Materials is governed by these Terms and your license of Your Content does not waive, alter, modify or amend any of these Terms or the limitations on use provided hereunder. Any additional rights for other Users to use Your Content may be outlined on the Service website.   


Content created within an online classroom (“Classroom”) is not publicly accessible and is only viewable to the teachers and students in such Classroom. To the extent possible, we will not expressly authorize Your Content within a Classroom to be shared publicly with others (e.g., subject to data security limitations of servers). 


You automatically grant to us and our sub-licensees (and warrant that the licensor of such rights has expressly granted to us and our sub-licensees) a perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, paid-up, worldwide, sublicensable (through multiple tiers) license to have Access to, store, display, reproduce, modify, use, disclose, distribute and transmit Your Content for purposes of providing, maintaining, repairing, protecting, organizing and/or otherwise administering or providing to you products, services and/or features on the Service (e.g., allowing Your Content to be emailed to or Accessed by your authorized designees), to comply with applicable laws/regulations/legal proceedings, in the ordinary course of our (or our designated third parties’) providing, improving and/or modifying the Service or any of products and/or services, including  extracting, compiling, aggregating, synthesizing, using, and otherwise analyzing all or any portion of Your Content and information, and to disclose Your Content and information and the results of any such analysis in aggregated form or any other form that does not specifically identify you unless emailed to or Accessed by your authorized designees or otherwise permitted by these Terms.    


Without limitation of these Terms (including, without limitation, the “Be Nice” Policy), this Service is not intended for the exchange of Sensitive Personal Information, and by using this Service, you agree that you will not include in Your Content any Content which violate(s) another’s rights and will not include any image of any individual from which his or her personal identity could be determined. In the event of any irreconcilable conflict or inconsistency between any of the terms and conditions of the Terms of Service and those of these Special Service Terms, the terms and conditions of these Special Service Terms will govern.


If have any questions regarding the Service or you want to contact us, please direct your communications as follows:

  • ACCOUNT: To terminate your account or for questions or issues about your account, please contact us by e-mail at
  • COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: For claims of copyright infringement, please contact in accordance with Section 19.c. of these Terms.
  • OBJECTIONS TO CHANGES: If you do not agree to material changes we’ve made to these Terms, please provide written notification to pursuant to Section 19.g. of these Terms, specifying the “Last Updated” date of these Terms with which you disagree, and what you disagree with.
  • TECHNICAL QUESTIONS AND ALL OTHER INQUIRIES: For technical questions and all other inquiries, please send email to