Special Service Terms for Instructables

Last Updated: June 05, 2013

Your access to and use of this Service is governed by these Special Service Terms and the Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”) which incorporate these Special Service Terms by this reference (collectively, “these Terms” herein).


A. Membership Plans.

  • We offer one or more membership or subscription plan(s) (each, a “Membership Plan”) either free of charge or for a fee. The Membership Plans and fees, if any, are described on the Service, and may be revised from time to time by us. We may discontinue any Membership Plan at any time.
  • In addition to these Special Service Terms, if you intend to join a paid Membership Plan you may be subject to additional terms and conditions, which are incorporated herein by this reference (each a “Paid Membership Plan”).
  • At the conclusion of the initial or trial term specified in any free trial or special/promotional offer, your Paid Membership Plan which follows will be subject to the then-current fees for that Paid Membership Plan.
  • Your Membership Plan access to the Service is conditioned on your agreement and adherence to these Terms and to your fully paid membership and/or other fees (if any). Your Membership Plan will be for the time period agreed to by you and us, and will automatically renew for indefinite successive renewal terms for the same period of time, unless terminated by you or us in accordance with these Terms. If you have a Membership Plan, you may terminate such membership at any time for any reason (see “How to Contact Us” below). However, all Paid Membership Plan fees, when paid, are non-refundable, except as set forth below.
  • If you are a subscriber of one of our Paid Membership Plans and we cancel the Service or make a material adverse change to the terms or conditions of the Paid Membership Plan which you don’t agree with, you can terminate your Paid Membership Plan and request that we refund a part of your Paid Membership Plan subscription fee received by us (see “How You Can Contact Us” below). You will be refunded that portion of your subscription fee allocable to the remaining unused term of your Paid Membership Plan as we deem reasonable.

B. Payments.

  • You agree to pay for any Paid Membership Plan on time via your account through a third party payment gateway, payment processor (such as PayPal) or E-Commerce Vendor (“Payment Processor”), and you authorize the Payment Processor to charge your credit card, debit card or other designated account in advance of Paid Membership Plan activation or renewal, for the fee(s) specified by us for your Paid Membership Plan, regardless of whether or not you actually access or use the Service. Payment terms are subject to the terms of sale and other terms and conditions of the Payment Processor. You agree to pay all costs incurred by us and the Payment Processor with respect to collection of any past due amount, including legal and collection fees and costs.
  • Unless otherwise specified by the Payment Processor, all fees are quoted and payable in United States Dollars. You are also responsible for paying all taxes applicable to your Paid Membership Plan.
  • You can only dispute any charge within ninety (90) days after such charge is made to your account. Otherwise, except as required by applicable law, any and all such complaints are waived by you.

II. How others may use your content

By publishing, sharing, posting Your Content or otherwise making it available for other users to use, view or access through the Service, you grant to each other user of the Service a non-exclusive worldwide right to use, copy, display, share, distribute, rate, comment on, create works based on, and publicly perform Your Content pursuant to the terms of the license selected by you and posted or linked with Your Content through a functionality of the Service. Such license is an agreement solely between you and the other user (as licensee) of Your Content.

III. Other restrictions; conflicting terms

Without limitation of these Terms (including, without limitation, the “Be Nice” Policy), this Service is not intended for the exchange of Sensitive Personal Information, and by using this Service, you agree that you will not include in Your Content any Content which violate(s) another’s rights and will not include any image of any individual from which his or her personal identity could be determined. In the event of any irreconcilable conflict or inconsistency between any of the terms and conditions of the Terms of Service and those of these Special Service Terms, the terms and conditions of these Special Service Terms will govern.


If have any questions regarding the Service or you want to contact us, please direct your communications as follows:

  • MEMBERSHIP or ACCOUNT: To terminate your membership or for questions or issues about your account or membership, please contact us by e-mail at
  • COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: For claims of copyright infringement, please contact in accordance with Section 19.c. of these Terms.
  • OBJECTIONS TO CHANGES: If you do not agree to material changes we’ve made to these Terms, please provide written notification to pursuant to Section 19.g. of these Terms, specifying the “Last Updated” date of these Terms with which you disagree, and what you disagree with.
  • TECHNICAL QUESTIONS AND ALL OTHER INQUIRIES: For technical questions and all other inquiries, please visit