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  • Computer rendering of multiple buildings

    Create and assign roof types

    Learn how to create new roof types, add layers and materials, and assign them to existing roof elements.

  • Two women discuss in front of a computer screen

    Produce quality documentation

    Discover the skills needed to deliver solid documentation and communicate your design with an extended project team.

  • Man working with Revit on a computer

    Create a multi-layer wall

    Learn how to work with wall junctions and embedding and attaching walls in your projects.

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  • Advanced 3D Modeling for Architectural Design course

    Advanced 3D Modeling for Architectural Design

    Explore the possibilities of creating 3D architectural models in Revit.

  • Revit for Architectural Design Professional Certification Prep course

    Revit for Architectural Design Professional Certification Prep

    Review lessons, datasets, and practice exercises to help prepare for your certification exam.

  • Documentation and Publishing for Architectural Design course

    Documentation and Publishing for Architectural Design

    Learn how to create building documentation and work with schedules in Revit.

  • AutoCAD for Design and Drafting Professional Certification Prep course

    AutoCAD for Design and Drafting Professional Certification Prep

    Follow along with lessons, datasets, and exercises to practice and review the exam topics on your own.

Woman using AutoCAD on a computer in an office environment

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"I think it's a good thing to recommend to people to get certified. It's a standard and it gives you legitimacy in the workplace. Our company does pay for professional development. They make sure that all of us are up to date on current software and industry trends.

An Autodesk certification Is a good validation in your career. It clearly says that you know what you're doing, and it's not just me telling you that I know what I'm doing, it's verified."
Bryan Kish, Architect

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  • A boy and a girl play on a basketball court

    Employing Social Justice in Design

    It takes a village to dismantle inequities in the built world—and architects are uniquely positioned to drive progress.

  • Collage of images including photos of people and computer renderings of designs

    Designing for Impact

    Solving the world’s social, environmental, and economic problems is an urgent need. Learn how Autodesk Tech residents are designing for impact.

  • Computer rendering of a modern building in a forested setting

    Sustainability in Architecture

    Although conventional construction depends on finite resources and emits high levels of carbon, alternative, renewable materials are on the rise.

  • Construction workers at a skyscraper job site

    Digital Twins in Architecture

    What do digital twins mean for the architecture industry? Watch the video to learn how intelligent data models can shape the built world.

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