Beyond productivity, AI use cases vary for AECO segments

Survey question: What are the use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) in your company or organization? Select all that apply.

“Generative design is where we see the greatest potential for AI. But even though AI could do the constraints and input for you, the question is, ‘Are we going to be able to trust it in a production environment, and how thoroughly will it have to be checked?’”

—Todd Rogers, BIM Manager, Walter P Moore, a consulting engineering firm

“AI can automate many tasks and free up creative people to focus on what they do best. Right now, we use AI to codesign interior spaces; our landscape architects have used AI to assist with conceptual drawings; and we can thank AI for winning work, as a matter of fact.”

—Damir Jaksic, CIO, KEO International Consultants, a design and engineering firm

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