2023 Technology Admin Enhancements

Single sign-on (SSO)

Single sign-on is available for Standard, Premium and Enterprise plans. With SSO, teams can use the organization’s credentials to access all Autodesk products and services, eliminating the need for multiple usernames and passwords. With this feature, you can enhance security and streamline administration, while also improving user productivity with one-click access to Autodesk. 

Autodesk Access

New update system replacing the Autodesk Desktop App (ADA) will provide you with greater control and deliver fast, reliable updates to stay productive, continuous updates for users, enhanced security, and hot defect fixes to stay productive without interfering with your workflows.

Usage reporting

Gives you the ability to see and export data for all products/entitlements accessed by all users, regardless of whether they are using subscriptions or Flex. This empowers you to adjust user assignments between subscription and Flex plans as needed.

Ability to unassign inactive users from within the usage report

View and unassign inactive and infrequent users directly within your usage report, saving significant time by eliminating the need to navigate to user management to unassign users. Use the custom date picker to identify inactive users over a specific time period, and sort by last accessed date or usage metrics to pinpoint candidates for unassignment.

Autodesk Construction Cloud seat usage reporting

Utilize reports to analyze Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) product usage and reallocate subscriptions from infrequent users for optimal value. Access usage reports and seat usage pages to review ACC product usage and license information. 

Solution Adoption Advisor

Unlock the full potential of Autodesk software to achieve your goals with our Solution Adoption Advisor. Gain actionable insights, align your team, and measure workflow value with tangible metrics and collaborative success plans. 

Premium personalized support*

If you’re a Premium admin, you can now receive personalized guidance from an Autodesk specialist, helping your teams adopt new ways of working, uncover knowledge gaps, source training content for new workflows, and track the impact.

Autodesk Learn

Our refreshed Autodesk Learn platform prioritizes your needs by helping you and your teams get up to speed faster with step-by-step tutorials, trainings, and certifications. Additionally, our new quick start guides provide your users with the background, context, and skills to design innovative solutions, by accelerating their product knowledge.

Personalized onboarding within Autodesk account

Enjoy personalized onboarding within your Autodesk account. Your account homepage guides you through tailored onboarding tasks, simplifying the setup of your new subscription with easily accessible information. This feature is also available for secondary and SSO admins. 

Premium coaching*

Our new admin coaching helps you become more efficient and effective with Autodesk tools and reporting, while systems coaching offers detailed guidance for setting up back-end technical systems, priming you for success as you activate other features and functionalities.

Deployment assistance*

Our new systems coaching option provides tailored 1:1 assistance through the software installation and deployment process.

Arnold updates/plug-ins available for account portal download

Download Arnold plugins and extensions on the existing product updates page in your account. This change offers a unified experience so you can access all downloads for all products on one page. 

Admin activity log

Now, you can easily view and search a detailed log of admin activities, including user additions, product assignments, and team changes, providing clarity on who made changes and when they occurred. 

Payment center

The payment center is a centralized page where you can easily manage payment methods, including adding, deleting, and updating information. You can view and adjust your selected payment methods for each subscription (including Flex) without waiting for your next purchase or calling customer support. 

Post-purchase team selection

If you manage multiple teams, you can now see new subscriptions awaiting a team in Autodesk Account and then select the most appropriate team assignment. This new team assignment process simplifies subscription management and helps you assign new subscriptions to the right team the first time. 

Include all updates

Now, when users download and install a product, all updates are automatically included. This streamlines the update process, boosts adoption rates, and enables access to valuable insights from our latest reporting tools. 

*Premium plan feature