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“Our priority is to enable customers to achieve great outcomes in manufacturing, amidst a rapidly changing technology landscape and always competitive business environment. Manufacturing customers need to win both now and in the future. This means one of my key responsibilities is to listen to customers to improve our manufacturing products and help customers understand the full value of their investments in our portfolio. At the same time, we also help prepare them for how to compete with the technology capabilities of tomorrow. The Product Development and Manufacturing group at Autodesk is committed to providing clarity on our product visions and roadmaps for the future, as well as aligning value with usage and outcomes today.”

-Jeff Kinder, Executive Vice President, Product Development and Manufacturing Solutions

Inventor enhancements

Listening & investing

Customer driven improvements
Inventor continues to deliver enhancements requested by you and the Inventor user community. Share your ideas at Inventor Ideas forum.

Connected workflows
Inventor extends interoperability and data exchange enhancements with Fusion, Revit, and other applications making it easier than ever to get your job done.

Continued drive toward compliance (2D and 3D standards)
Inventor continues to deliver standards driven improvements that enable you to produce compliant designs.

Inventor enhancement timeline

  • Boundary settings for patterning*
  • ISO standard drill point types*
  • Finish feature enhancements
  • Modernized interface, flange & cut sheet metal feature experiences*
  • Reference parts list properties in text*
  • Crop view settings available in the styles editor*
  • Orientated minimum bounding cylinder
  • Performance feedback recorder*
  • Replace model reference within presentation files*
  • Quickly change all colors in your assembly*
  • iLogic enhancements*
  • IFC import with metadata*
  • Export .RVT or .RFA files to earlier versions of Revit

Achieving greater outcomes

Improve product performance
Use powerful 3D modeling and simulation capabilities to design and optimize performance

Reduce repetitive tasks
Quickly create customizable configurations of your designs and automate common tasks.

Boost collaboration
Connect your designs with incoming customer data and share ideas in a secure cloud-based service.

AutoCAD enhancements

Powerful automations in AutoCAD

AutoCAD 2023 was designed with our customers and the changing nature of their work in mind. New Markup Import and Markup Assist features automatically import feedback into your drawings, reducing the risk of errors and saving time. With My Insights, you can learn about new features or workflows, curated specifically for you based on the way you use AutoCAD.

Top 2025 AutoCAD enhancements

  • Smart Blocks: Search and Convert​
  • Smart Blocks: Object Detection Tech Preview​
  • Autodesk Assistant enhancement
  • Hatch improvements​
  • ArcGIS® Basemaps​
  • Activity Insights updates
  • Markup Import and sync for Autodesk Docs
  • Markup Import and Markup Assist Updates
  • 2D File Open performance
  • 2D and 3D Graphics improvement

Achieving greater outcomes

Accelerate your designs in 2D or 3D
Complete your projects faster with AutoCAD's automations and customizations.

Collaborate across teams and devices
Share and annotate drawings safely and securely across desktop, web, or mobile devices.

Ensure fidelity and compatibility
Only Autodesk has TrustedDWG® technology to ensure fidelity and compatibility for your DWGs.

Fusion enhancements

Listening & investing

Connected workflows
Fusion streamlines and unifies manufacturing workflows to increase your agility and productivity. 

Operational efficiency
Fusion is committed to building automation to help you save time and resources. 

Expanded capabilities
Fusion partners with leading hardware, software, and tooling companies to help you reach your full potential.

Recent Fusion enhancements

  • Intuitive Tools for Designers and Engineers
  • Connected ECAD for Electrical Engineers
  • Smarter Workflows for Mechanical Engineers and Mold Makers
  • Automated, High-quality Manufacturing for Machinists and Fabricators
  • Extended Workflows with Industry Leading Partners

Achieving greater outcomes

Grow your business
Connect your design, engineering, and manufacturing teams with a single tool to increase productivity and your bottom line.

Increase innovation
Connect your teams, functions, and departments to create the best products possible.

Improve operational efficiency
Increase your manufacturing throughput through automation, collaboration, and interoperability to reduce non-value add processes.

Improve product quality and performance
Iterate, prototype, and simulate with automated, connected workflows to improve product performance in the early stages of the product development cycle.