Arnold enhancements over the years

Since 1998, Arnold has brought top-quality updates to help you render faster and with more flexibility. We continue to focus on bringing you powerful, yet easy-to use rendering experiences so that you can deliver beautiful and predictable results.  

Arnold over the past 5 years








Arnold enhancement timeline

7 | 7.1 | 7.2
featured enhancements for Arnold

  • Toon Shader
  • Distance Shader
  • Global Light Sampling
  • Native Support for Apple CPUs
  • Color Management in Arnold for 3ds Max 2024
  • Improved Workflow for Texture Files
  • Native Support for Apple CPUs
  • Import and Export of Imager Presets
  • Improved Light Manipulators in Arnold for Katana
  • Arnold 3ds Max Scene Converter
  • OptiX 7 Denoiser
  • Triplanar shader
  • Enhanced post-processing nodes
  • GPU scalability

6 | 6.1 | 6.2
featured enhancements for Arnold

  • Bloom in imager
  • Light Mixer imager
  • Noice denoiser imager
  • OptiX denoiser imager
  • Enhanced USD Support
  • OpenColorIO v2 integration
  • Nested Dielectrics
  • Dielectric microfacet multiple scattering
  • Improved Oren-Nayer Diffuse Roughness Mapping
  • More accurate albedo AOVs
  • Improved rough thin-wall transmission in standard_surface
  • Physial Sky Shader Improvements

Image courtesy of Lee Griggs

5 | 5.1 | 5.2 | 5.3 | 5.4
featured enhancements for Arnold

  • Support for Bifrost
  • GPU support for OSL & Open VDB
  • GPU support for Volume displacement and volume sample shaders
  • Clip Geo shader
  • Less noise in progressive sampling
  • Alembic support improvements
  • Enhanced MaterialX support
  • Improved adaptive & skydome sampling
  • Enhanced usability for Standard Surface
  • Cell Noise shader
  • Sheen function in the Standard Surface shader
  • Texture baking supported with a native render-to-texture
  • Improved sampling of spherical lights
  • Faster adaptive subdivision

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