AutoCAD enhancements over the years

AutoCAD 2025 is built to accelerate workflows and seamlessly share your vision with innovations designed to unlock your creative potential. New features and assistive machine learning technology pave the way for teams to unlock insights and leverage automations.

AutoCAD over the past 7 years


Product updates​


New features



AutoCAD enhancement timeline

2025 featured enhancements for AutoCAD

  • Smart Blocks: Search and Convert​
  • Smart Blocks: Object Detection Tech Preview​
  • Autodesk Assistant enhancement
  • Hatch improvements​
  • ArcGIS® Basemaps​
  • Activity Insights updates
  • Markup Import and sync for Autodesk Docs
  • Markup Import and Markup Assist Updates
  • 2D File Open performance
  • 2D and 3D Graphics improvement

2024 | 2024.1 featured enhancements for AutoCAD

  • Activity Insights
  • Smart Blocks: Placement
  • Smart Blocks: Replacement
  • Markup Assist updates
  • Trace updates
  • AutoLISP API on the web
  • Batch plot to PDFs on the web
  • Autodesk Docs improvements
  • Start tab updates
  • 2D and 3D graphics improvements
  • New layout and file tab menu
  • Improved install speed
  • Autodesk Assistant​
  • Markup Import and Markup Assist enhancements​
  • Trace updates​
  • Activity Insights updates​
  • File Open performance​
  • Pan and Zoom Performance​

2023 | 2023.1 featured enhancements for AutoCAD

  • Markup Import and Markup Assist
  • My Insights: Macro Advisor
  • Trace Enhancements
  • Count Enhancements
  • Floating Drawing Windows Enhancements
  • 3D Graphics
  • 2D Graphics Display
  • Sheet Set Manager for Autodesk Docs
  • Drawing and Layout Tabs
  • Polyline Extend
  • MLEADER Enhancement
  • Performance Analyzer

2022 | 2022.1 featured enhancements for AutoCAD

  • Trace
  • Count
  • Floating Drawing Windows
  • Share Current Drawing
  • Push to Autodesk Docs (Subscription Benefit)
  • Start Tab Redesign
  • 3D Graphics Technical Preview
  • Installer
  • My Insights
  • Improved Connection to Autodesk Docs

2021 | 2021.1 featured enhancements for AutoCAD

  • Streamlined Trim and Extend Option
  • Revision Cloud Enhancements
  • Break Objects at a Single Point
  • Quick Measure Area
  • Drawing History (Subscription Benefit)
  • XREF Compare
  • Graphics Performance
  • Blocks Palette Enhancements
  • AutoCAD Web App – Open in Desktop
  • AutoLISP Extension for VS Code Enhancements

2020 | 2020.1 featured enhancements for AutoCAD

  • New Dark Theme
  • Blocks Palette
  • Purge Redesign
  • DWG Compare Enhancements
  • Measure Geometry Option: Quick Measure
  • Performance Improvements
  • Support for Cloud Services
  • Save to Web & Mobile Enhancements
  • Graphics Configuration
  • Add Text to a Specified Layer
  • Add Multileader Styles to CAD Standards

2019 featured enhancements for AutoCAD

  • Shared Views
  • Save To AutoCAD Web & Mobile
  • DWG Compare
  • Cyber Security
  • Performance Initiative
  • Icon Refresh
  • Help System
  • Quality Enhancements

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Jiacheng Li

Product Management Engineer, Autodesk

Sachin Singh

Sr. Product Manager, AutoCAD

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