Maya enhancements over the years

Over the years, Maya has delivered top-quality updates to help you work faster and more efficiently. We continue to focus on creating more artist-friendly experiences across disciplines.

Maya over the past 6 years


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Maya enhancement timeline

River made procedurally with Bifrost Ocean Simulation System (BOSS) in Maya​

2025 | 2025.1​ featured enhancements for Maya

  • Smart Extrude 
  • Bevel Improvements 
  • Redesigned Dope Sheet 
  • Motion Trail Updates 
  • Deformation Widget 
  • Bifrost Ocean Simulation System (BOSS) 
  • Liquid Meshing 
  • Bifrost Rigging
  • LookdevX Enhancements 
  • OpenUSD Integration Updates 
  • Hydra Enhancements

Image courtesy of Natalie Jerabek and concept art by Wenjuinn Png​

2024 | 2024.1 | 2024.2​
featured enhancements for Maya

  • Time Slider Redesign ​
  • New Graph Editor Sculpting Tools​
  • Multiple Skin Cluster Support​
  • Mac M1 Architecture Support​​
  • MPM Gel and MPM Rubber in Bifrost
  • Component Tags in Bifrost
  • Modeling Toolset Enhancements​
  • Rigging and Animation Toolset Enhancements
  • LookdevX Enhancements​
  • OpenUSD Integration Updates

2023 | 2023.1 | 2023.2 | 2023.3 featured enhancements for Maya

  • Blue Pencil 2D Drawing Tools
  • Cached playback improvements
  • Animation performance improvements
  • USD across Maya's toolset
  • USD in Bifrost
  • Bifrost updates
  • Enhanced Boolean toolset
  • Retopologize enhancements
  • Faster manipulation of mesh components
  • QuadDraw performance improvements
  • New mesh wireframe opacity settings
  • Rigging improvements for better precision

2022 | 2022.1 | 2022.2 | 2022.3 | 2022.4 featured enhancements for Maya

  • Seamless USD integration
  • New Ghosting Editor
  • Additive animation clips
  • Smooth (Gaussian) filter in the Graph Editor
  • Component Tags
  • Morph Deformer
  • New Sweep Mesh tool
  • Create VR for Maya
  • Smoother startup experience
  • Python 3
  • Cached Playback support in the Time Editor
  • Peak Removal filter in the Graph Editor

2020, 2020.1, 2020.2, 2020.3, 2020.4 featured enhancements for Maya

  • 60+ Animation Features
  • Cached Playback updates
  • Animation Bookmarks
  • Arnold GPU
  • Bifrost for Maya
  • Viewport Improvements
  • Remesh Tool
  • Retopologize Tool
  • Rigging Improvements
  • Native Plugin for Rokoko's Motion Library
  • A Guide to Getting Started with the Motion Library Plugin in Maya
  • Time Slider Bookmark Improvements: Interactively move and scale bookmarks

2019 | 2019.1 | 2019.2 | 2019.3 featured enhancements for Maya

  • Cached Playback
  • Arnold updates in Viewport 2.0
  • Faster snapping, selection, and scene loading in Viewport 2.0
  • Butterworth filter in the Graph Editor
  • Key Reducer in the Graph Editor
  • Prune and smooth weight options in the Bake Deformer
  • New sample characters in the Content Browser
  • Pipeline integration improvements
  • Render Setup and Light Editor improvements
  • Cached Playback updates
  • Outliner option in Interface Preferences
  • New Launch Scene Lint window tool in Evaluation Toolkit

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