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“In meetings with customers, I am delighted when they share positive feedback about our products but appreciate it most when they openly tell me what their pain points are and how we can help them. This helps us make our products stronger, allowing artists to focus on being creative and producers and supervisors to better manage their work. The Media & Entertainment group at Autodesk is committed to listening to our customers and sharing our product roadmaps and vision for the future.”

-Diana Colella, Senior Vice President, Entertainment & Media Solutions

Maya enhancements

Tackle your biggest creative challenges with powerful tools in Maya

Maya 2024 focuses on improved usability for both seasoned Maya artists and new users alike. Experience the completely revamped Booleans Tool or the new Blue Pencil Tool. You'll also notice an improved user experience with the new Application Home hub, gamiefied tutorials, and a new Search feature that lets you navigate the user interface more efficiently.

Image courtesy of Jesus FC

Top 2024 Maya enhancements

  • LookDevX
  • Retopologize Improvements
  • Time Slider UI/UX Improvements
  • Animation Curve Brushes in the Graph Editor
  • Mac M1 architecture support

Achieving greater outcomes

Accelerate workflows
Maya’s powerful tools help you iterate faster so you can focus on creativity and meet deadlines.

Deliver stunning visuals
Add fine details to characters and scenes, and deliver quality work that keeps clients coming back.

Scale for complexity
Top artists in the industry rely on Maya to create the most complex shots, characters, and worlds.

3ds Max enhancements

Image courtesy of Jake Denham

Driving Creative Excellence with Modern Tools in 3ds Max

3ds Max is focused on driving greater productivity, team collaboration, and modern asset creation. This update brings new modeling capabilities to the popular retopology toolset and Working Pivot, user-requested enhancements to the Autobackup system, support for glTF to help you iterate and share 3D assets with confidence, and more.

Image courtesy of Sergey Varejnikov

Top 2024 3ds Max enhancements

  • Boolean Modifier
  • Array Modifier
  • Color Management
  • Compound Notes
  • Material Switcher

Image courtesy of Quantillion

Achieving greater outcomes

Deliver photorealistic designs
3ds Max powers your creativity with easy-to-use tools for worldbuilding and asset creation.

Boost productivity with automation
3ds Max automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks so you can meet deadlines.

Use a rich and flexible toolset
Stay in the artistic flow with creative tools in an artist-friendly UI.

Arnold enhancements

Image courtesy of Axis Studios

Render detailed 3D Characters and scenes with Arnold

The latest Arnold release amplifies rendering performance, interactivity, and reliability allowing you to deliver beautiful results faster. Performance is significantly upgraded, scalability on GPU is greatly improved, and fullframe imagers are now updated during rendering. This release also adds production-ready USD enhancements for specific procedurals and shapes in Hydra, deep AOVs, light linking, and more.

 Image courtesy of Roberto Digiglio

Top 2024 Arnold enhancements

  • Native support for Apple CPUs in Arnold for Maya 2024
  • Color management in Arnold for 3ds Max 2024
  • USD improvements
  • Improved workflow for texture files

Image courtesy of Axis Studios

Achieving greater outcomes

Manage complex projects
Arnold thrives on heavy data sets and handles complex work with ease.

Render high-quality 3D images
Deliver stunning photoreal or stylized results in fewer clicks.

Get a robust set of tools
Save time with powerful shaders, operators, textures, and utilities.