Revit enhancements over the years

We’ve delivered hundreds of customer requests in recent releases of Autodesk Revit, improving the core functionality of Revit for design to documentation that can help individuals and project teams produce better design deliverables, faster, and with less re-work and repetition.

Revit over the past 7 years


Product updates


Total enhancements


Customer ideas

Revit enhancement timeline


2025 featured enhancements for Revit

  • Total carbon analysis with Insight and Forma​
  • Improvements to site design tools​
  • Improvements to concrete modeling​
  • Improved room perimeter accuracy​*
  • Quick align annotations for keynotes and text​*
  • Updated filter disciplines​
  • Background PDF export​*
  • New IFC category mapping​
  • Expanded link and export support for STEP files​
  • Arrays of 1 and 0 for families​*
  • Sheet Collections* ​
  • Improvements to Fabrication Data Manager​
  • Steel connection upgrades for splitting framings and columns​

2024 featured enhancements for Revit

  • Dark Theme and UI Modernizations*
  • My Insights in Revit Home
  • Scheduling Revision Clouds*
  • New Site Tools with Toposolids for Landscape Design*
  • Autodesk Forma to Revit Synch
  • Auto-synch with Twinmotion for Revit
  • New features for rebar bending, detailing, and scheduling*
  • Enhancements to Structural Analytical Modeling
  • Enhancements to Electrical Load Analysis
  • Enhancements to Ductwork Stiffening 
  • Export fill patterns​
  • Simplify topography*
  • Shape editing enhancements*​
  • Link coordination model from Autodesk Docs​

2023 featured enhancements for Revit

  • Twinmotion for Revit
  • Shape Editing Elevation Controls
  • Sheet Layout Tools
  • Swap Views on a Sheet*
  • Structural Analytical Model Automation and Enhancements
  • MEP Modeling Upgrades
  • Carbon Insights Tech Preview
  • Edit Revisions on Multiple Sheets*
  • Publish Cloud Models without Links*
  • Improved Tagging and Tag Leaders* 

2022 featured enhancements for Revit

  • PDF Export*
  • Wall Enhancements*
  • Shared Parameters in Key Schedules*
  • Improved FormIt Interoperability
  • Link Rhinoceros® (3DM) Files*
  • Multi-leader Tags*
  • Rotated Tags*
  • Multiple Values Indication*
  • Move Rebar in a Set*
  • Model Rebar using Real Bar Diameter*

2021 featured enhancements for Revit

  • Generative Design
  • Enhanced Realistic Views
  • Slanted Walls*
  • Link PDF Files or Images
  • Electrical Circuit Naming Scheme
  • Cloud Models on Europe Data Centers
  • Enable/Disable View Filters
  • New Standard 3D Rebar Shapes
  • Improved Revit Home
  • Customized Workspace 

2020 featured enhancements for Revit

  • PDF Underlay*
  • Create elliptical walls*
  • Open a Revit model with Desktop Connector
  • Materials appearance improvements
  • Enhanced OR condition for rule-based view filter*
  • Schedule scope boxes*
  • Improved Revit Home
  • SketchUp 2018 models support*
  • Large Schedules: freeze/unfreeze header, active row and cell highlighted *
  • Path of Travel*

2019 featured enhancements for Revit

  • Cloud Models for Revit
  • Rendering: High resolution texture support*
  • Place an instance of an image*
  • Zoom in schedules*
  • Move elements very small distances*
  • Parts from imported bridge and tunnel geometry
  • Background fill patterns*
  • 3D views: levels, projection modes, uncropped perspective view*
  • OR condition for rule-based view filters*
  • Dimensions for curved objects in section views*
  • Perspective views*
  • Resizable dialogs*

*Customer idea

We listen so you can better design and build the future.

At Autodesk, we celebrate customers and communities that shape a better world. In 2023 we launched our first Customer Advisory Boards (CAB), where we heard from our customers directly the capabilities they need to design and make the environments and infrastructure that give physical form to the future. From open data models to better tools to mitigate carbon, we’re listening and we’re taking action – watch how.

Revit product roadmap

See what’s new and in the pipeline on the Revit Public Roadmap, updated with each major release of Revit. Vote for the roadmap items you find most important.

Customer ideas help us define what's next in Revit

The Autodesk Revit development team are passionate about their roles and delivering on continuous improvement with every release. Please take a couple of minutes to watch the video as seven members of the product team share how they value customer feedback.

Have an idea for making Revit better? Visit Revit Ideas to find, post, and vote on enhancements you want to see in Revit. 

Meet some of the Revit Product Team

Harlan Brumm

Sr. Product Manager, Autodesk

Angel Velez

Sr. Principal Engineer, Autodesk

Kimberly Fuhrman

Community Manager, Autodesk

Tetsuya Hishida

Product Manager, Autodesk

Chris Yanchar

Sr. Director, Building Design Products, Autodesk

Mitko Vidanovski

Sr. Program Manager, Autodesk

Jeffrey Hanson

Principal Content Experience Designer, Autodesk

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