Inventor enhancements over the years

Inventor is 3D mechanical solid modeling design software developed by Autodesk with the initial release in 1999. Over the past 22 years many companies around the world have adopted is as their primary CAD tool for professional-grade mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation.

Inventor over the past 6 years


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Customer ideas

Inventor enhancement timeline

featured enhancements Inventor 2025

2025 featured enhancements for Inventor

  • Boundary settings for patterning*
  • ISO standard drill point types*
  • Finish feature enhancements
  • Modernized interface, flange & cut sheet metal feature experiences*
  • Reference parts list properties in text*
  • Crop view settings available in the styles editor*
  • Orientated minimum bounding cylinder*
  • Performance feedback recorder*
  • Replace model reference within presentation files*
  • Quickly change all colors in your assembly*
  • iLogic enhancements*
  • IFC import with metadata*
  • Export .RVT or .RFA files to earlier versions of Revit

*Customer Idea

2024 | 2024.1 featured enhancements for Inventor

  • iLogic with Vault*
  • Finish utility
  • Mark feature enhancements
  • Drawing revision cloud*
  • View setting improvements*
  • Tube and pipe enhancements
  • Parameter enhancements
  • Optimized bounding box assembly
  • Connected inspection workflow
  • Weld symbol
  • Edge symbol
  • Model-based definition enhancements*

*Customer Idea

2023 | 2023.1 | 2023.2 | 2023.3 featured enhancements for Inventor

  • BOM settings options and controls*
  • Suppress a constraint*
  • Rename storyboards*
  • 3DA Leader Text and General Note update*
  • Tolerance settings updates*
  • Multi-value parameter sort order*
  • Relationships command update*
  • Link sketch format from source component*
  • Sketch text or geometry to add Mark features*
  • Toggle the visibility of solids, work features, and sketches*
  • Sheet Metal extended browser information*
  • Drawing view and annotation updates*

*Customer Idea

2022 | 2022.1 | 2022.2 | 2022.3 featured enhancements for Inventor

  • Model States create multiple representations of a part or assembly
  • Constraint status now displays by default*
  • Simplify command for Shrinkwrap commands
  • Instance Properties assigned to individual component
  • Substitutes update icon
  • ISOGEN Output command
  • Fillet, Face Fillet, Full Round Fillet commands
  • Extrude property panel
  • Shaded drawing views
  • Centerlines and center marks dimension value*
  • New Revit and Fusion interoperability
  • iLogic support enhancements

*Customer Idea

2021 | 2021.1 | 2021.2 | 2021.3 featured enhancements for Inventor

  • Frame generator productivity enhancements
  • Trim/Extend command*
  • Frame Analysis Settings
  • File Naming for Tube and Pipe designs
  • Tube & Pipe Route and Derived Route commands
  • Remove Override context menu option*
  • Window select multiple solids in a part file*
  • Display extended information after feature node name*
  • Set flange angle by reference*
  • Horizontal Constraint command*
  • Shaded drawing views*
  • Revit File Import

*Customer Idea

2020 | 2020.1 | 2020.2 | 2020.3 featured enhancements for Inventor

  • PDF Underlay*
  • Create elliptical walls*
  • Open a Revit model with Desktop Connector
  • Materials appearance improvements
  • Enhanced OR condition for rule-based view filter*
  • Schedule scope boxes*
  • Improved Revit Home
  • SketchUp 2018 models support*
  • Large Schedules: freeze/unfreeze header, active row and cell highlighted *
  • Path of Travel*

*Customer Idea

2019 | 2019.1 | 2019.2 | 2019.3 | 2019.4 featured enhancements for Inventor

  • Collaborate with Shared Views
  • Constraining 2 Axes solutions*
  • Lock Rotation with Insert Constraint*
  • Directed and Undirected Angle constraint*
  • Lock Hose Length*
  • Frame Generator CUTDETAIL*
  • Tolerance Advisor
  • Symmetric face with Face command*
  • Laser Weld corner relief shape
  • Thicken Command*
  • Inverted Fillet option*
  • iLogic assembly functions

*Customer Idea


Customer ideas help us define what's next in Inventor

The Autodesk Inventor development team are passionate about their roles and delivering on continuous improvement with every release. Please take a couple of minutes to watch the video as the product team shares how they value customer feedback.

Have an idea for making Inventor better? Visit Inventor Ideas to find, post, and vote on enhancements you want to see in Inventor.

Meet some of the Inventor Product Team

Dan Szymanski

Dan Szymanski

Sr. Product Manager

Johnson Shiue

Johnson Shiue

Sr. Principal Engineer


Christian Smith

Christian Smith

Director, Software Development

Frodo Zhou

Frodo Zhou

Sr. Software Development

Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell

Sr. Principal Engineer

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