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2024 Releases

  • May 2024: 50+ releases across ACC to help ensure everyone is on the same page and able to work even faster together. For example, communicate areas of concern with greater precision and make informed decisions during coordination using Object Colors in BIM Collaborate.
  • March: 45+ releases across ACC that increase collaboration and automate manual processes. New tools like the Specifications tool save you time, while features like work planning enable you to collaboratively build detailed digital work plans and an updated model viewer elevates the field team's model viewing experience.
  • January40+ releases across ACC to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration. In particular, Autodesk Takeoff users can now apply a unit cost to their 2D/3D takeoff types, helping to establish rough budgets and estimates.

2023 Releases

  • November25+ releases across ACC that enable teams to make earlier and more confident decisions. Notable, Autodesk Build users can now track and view Asset statuses and information directly from the 3D model viewer with Model-based Progress Tracking.
  • September35+ releases across ACC that help teams work faster and smarter. The new Correspondence tool unleashes the power of a centralized source for project communication that reduces data loss and improves collaboration.
  • July30+ releases across ACC that support standardization and optimize building decisions. Specifically, Autodesk Takeoff users now have the power to make more sustainable material choices with the ACC + EC3 (Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator) integration.
  • May40+ releases across ACC that enhance workflows and strengthen collaboration. For instance, Bridge for Design Collaboration provides a secure way to share design content across internal or external projects, enabling teams to maintain their standards and retain their data.
  • March50+ releases across ACC that enhance efficiency. Notably, AutoSpecs in ACC that leverages powerful AI to automatically generate comprehensive submittal logs in minutes. And a new integration between Autodesk Docs and BuildingConnected Pro creates a single source for important documents across the project lifecycle.
  • January20+ releases across ACC including a new progress tracking features within the Assets tool in Autodesk Build deliver a simple intuitive way to visually markup and track asset progress on 2D sheets.

2022 Releases

  • November30+ releases across ACC that reduce manual processes and strengthen cost control. For example, companies procuring from suppliers or working in foreign countries can now manage cost activities in foreign currencies directly in Autodesk Build – Cost Management.
  • September: 40+ releases across ACC that help keep projects on schedule and budget, in particular, the Schedule tool in Autodesk Build now supports version comparison and management to help site teams quickly spot and understand the changes between versions.
  • July: 35+ releases across ACC that unlock more flexibility for construction workflows. Specifically, the release of custom review workflows for Submittals provides Submittal Managers with the flexibility they need for submittal reviews.
  • May: 50+ releases across ACC that better connects office and field teams. With the ProEst + Autodesk Build integration, estimating teams can automatically convert final estimates from ProEst to the project budget within Cost Management, increasing productivity and data accuracy while connecting preconstruction to construction.
  • March: 45+ releases across ACC that eliminate manual tasks and increase efficacy, notably, symbol detection in Autodesk Takeoff, enabling users to identify and bulk count symbols during 2D takeoff quickly.
  • January: 35+ releases across ACC that includes improve productivity with custom and shared dashboards for the executive team.

2021 Releases

  • November50+ releases across ACC that drive productivity and collaboration. For instance, Autodesk Takeoff users can leverage Snapshots to preserve a point-in-time capture of all takeoff data including sheets and models.
  • September: 35+ releases across ACC that save time and keep projects on track. In particular, the new Schedule tool in Autodesk Build allows project stakeholders to easily access and collaborate on the latest project schedule.
  • July: 40+ releases across ACC that bring teams more standardization and customization, like the ability for Autodesk Build Cost Management users to create custom tax calculations.
  • May: 30+ releases across ACC that improve workflows and support project requirements, such as support for ISO 19650 workflows with configurable project naming standards and file name validation.
  • March: Release of Autodesk Takeoff, a new product that empowers estimators to perform 2D and 3D quantification workflows from a common data environment to increase collaboration, speed and accuracy during the estimation process. And 50+ additional releases across ACC.
  • February: Release of Autodesk Build and Autodesk Docs, providing construction teams with a single solution for project management, quality, safety, cost, and closeout by connecting data, workflows, and teams in one highly configurable environment.

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