Autodesk digital twin technology

What is digital twin?

A digital twin is a dynamic, up-to-date representation of a physical object or system. With a complete collection of all data in one place, a digital twin evolves with the flow of real-time input from sensors and more.


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What are the benefits of digital twin?

  • Optimized performance

    Actionable insights, simulations, and a connected view of all online and offline data enable quick and better decisions to optimize performance and efficiency.

  • Full view of all data

    Eliminate data silos and unlock value across a project’s lifecycle with all historical data and real-time data in one place.

  • Smarter predictions

    With real-time sensor data and predictive recommendations through machine learning and artificial intelligence, maintenance and operations are significantly improved.

  • Faster results

    Creating digital twins of complex assets, factories, and processes exponentially improve the value from operations, reduce development work, and increase time to market.

  • Digital twin for manufacturing

  • Digital twin for architecture, engineering, and construction

Examples of digital twin customers

  • NEST

    The solar facade exists as a digital model in Autodesk Fusion 360, and the entire NEST building was laser scanned by the Swiss company BIM Facility using Autodesk ReCap, creating digital twins in Autodesk Revit and BIM 360.

  • Capgemini

    Capgemini used Autodesk Forge to streamline its operations and reduce costs by delivering a 360-degree view of its buildings and assets by creating a digital twin platform called Reflect-IoD.

  • Moicon

    Moicon creates digital twins for collecting and organizing valuable facility data and combining it with sensor data in a visual, intuitive, and automated way, reducing costs, labor, and unplanned downtime.

Digital Twin Consortium

Autodesk’s participation as a founding member to the Digital Twin Consortium is motivated by our commitment to openness, working with peers to advance industry and improving customer experience in the AEC space.

Digital twin resources

  • Autodesk Tandem

    Explore how you can partner with Autodesk Tandem, the Autodesk digital twin solution for AEC.

  • Digital manufacturing

    By offering real-time insights into manufacturing equipment and other assets, digital-twin technology helps to reduce maintenance issues and ensure optimal production output.

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  • What is BIM?

    Based on an intelligent model and enabled by a cloud platform, BIM integrates structured, multi-disciplinary data to produce a digital representation of an asset across its lifecycle, from planning and design to construction and operations.

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