Optimize and automate nesting processes

Unlock advanced nesting and fabrication capabilities to create optimized and associative multi-sheet layouts for sheet metal and non-sheet metal parts in preparation for cutting on CNC machines.

Nesting automation

Optimize material yield with automatic detection of material, thickness, and part quantity.

Fully integrated

Generate setups, toolpaths, and NC code directly within Fusion 360.

Increase efficiency

Create customizable reports, nest parts from multiple documents, and specify part rotation constraints.

  • Overview
  • Nest Preparation
  • Compare & Report
  • Fabrication


Extend nesting and fabrication capabilities, including multi-sheet nesting, setups/toolpaths and NC code creation, customizable reports, and automatic detection of material, thickness, and part quantity.

Nest Preparation

Quickly prepare your model for nesting and set nesting parameters per material for optimal stock usage.

Compare & Report

Configure and view key metrics like cost, material usage, and stack size for earlier job quoting and purchasing decisions.


Create toolpaths to drive a variety of machines with fully integrated and easy-to-use CAM.

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Access extended nesting and fabrication functionality for multi-sheet layouts,
advanced part and material controls, and more.

Requires a Fusion 360 subscription.



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