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Avatar Graham Goodier December 1, 2022

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Seamlessly access more quality cutting tools from within Fusion 360 using the new Dormer Pramet Tool Library add-in for Windows and Mac!

Machine shops and manufacturing departments spend hours browsing tooling libraries, face delays due to mistakes with out-of-date tooling data and have difficulties deciphering data when selecting the appropriate cutting tool for the job.

Dormer Pramet has partnered with Autodesk Fusion 360 to simplify cutting tool selection and eliminate these challenges.

With the new, free to access Dormer Pramet add-in for Fusion 360 subscribers, searching and selecting an appropriate cutting tool is even more simple and reliable. The Dormer Pramet add-in allows a user to choose from the most popular Dormer and Pramet branded cutting tools within the Dormer Pramet portfolio, filter them by dimensions and tool types and input them directly into their Fusion 360 toolpaths.

When the Dormer Pramet product portfolio is updated, the add-in will ensure the available library is up-to-date instantly, to ensure complete accuracy for users, and so new products are available as soon as possible to be utilised in CAM toolpaths.

The Dormer Pramet Tool Library add-in is available in the Fusion 360 app store, making it easy to access cutting tool data alongside programming CAM operations.

Autodesk Fusion 360 and Dormer Pramet partnership

Dormer Pramet is one of the most recognized and respected suppliers of cutting tools within the manufacturing sector.

The global manufacturer, a division within Sandvik Machining Solutions, provides a wide assortment of turning, milling, hole-making and threading cutting tools to support a variety of production environments.

The Dormer Pramet and Autodesk Fusion 360 partnership is focused on long-term success for end users, with both companies working together to develop a more capable, integrated add-in for Fusion 360 subscribers.

Users currently have access to the most popular Dormer and Pramet branded cutting tools manufactured by Dormer Pramet. Future options and additional cutting tools will continue to be included to elevate the user experience.

Dormer Pramet add-in + Fusion 360

The add-in for Windows and Mac – which is free for Fusion 360 subscribers – allows users to access and choose a Dormer Pramet tool and make it automatically appears in Fusion 360, without the need for time-consuming manual entry, by filtering the library to locate the tools users require to complete their CAM program.

Utilising the add-in allows users to focus their time on generating toolpaths and NC code to drive CNC machinery in industries such as automotive, energy, aerospace, and general engineering applications.

This process helps reduce the likelihood of mistakes, resulting in better machining outcomes, including improved surface finish, faster cycle times, and better tool life. Furthermore, by dragging and dropping only the tools you require, the Fusion 360 tool library isn’t overcrowded with tools you don’t need.

“The Dormer Pramet add-in will add a lot of value to the Fusion 360 user base. Our manufacturing customers can now quickly and easily integrate numerous Dormer Pramet tool data, helping to severely decrease time spent identifying an appropriate available tool from their catalogue, with the confidence it’s the up-to-date, accurate data,” said Stephen Hooper, Vice President and General Manager for Fusion 360 at Autodesk.

“Dormer Pramet are very engaged in how they can make accessing their products easier, and more informative for Fusion 360 users. They are a fantastic partner and asset to Autodesk’s open ecosystem, enabling Fusion 360 users to focus more on their engineering work that benefits their business and customer base.”

3 primary business benefits

Andrew Hunter, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Dormer Pramet, added: “We are focused on delivering simply reliable cutting tools to users and Fusion 360 connects the entire product development process into a single platform. This partnership offers an easy, quick, and seamless cutting tool selection experience. It speaks loudly about how much we care for industry and improving the productivity of our users, from design to output.”

The Dormer Pramet add-in in action

Thomas Berrill, Field Sales Manager at Dormer Pramet, recently put the new add-in to the test. Here, he explains how the add-in works and how it can help customers manufacture a specific component.

“Here at Dormer Pramet, we are always striving for innovative ways to connect and support our end users in more interactive ways, it’s one of the reasons that Autodesk Fusion 360 was so attractive to us.

“The add-in allows us to share our tooling database for all to access, with safe starting data to give the user the confidence to begin cutting metal as quickly as possible. The Cloud-Based functionality within Fusion 360 allows us to share best practices, help with demanding problem applications and provide support in real time when our customers’ need us the most.”

Check out the video below to learn more:

To download the add-in for free, visit the Autodesk app store or speak with a member of the Dormer Pramet team to find out more.

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