BIM for plant

Bring your projects online with integrated tools. Take advantage of comprehensive 3D models to enhance productivity, team collaboration, and efficiencies throughout the project lifecycle.

What is BIM for plant design?

Building Information Modeling provides plant professionals the ability to create and manage all their project information throughout the asset’s lifecycle enabling them to gain insights earlier, enhance multidisciplinary team coordination, and minimize data loss and inaccuracy.

BIM across the project lifecycle

Accelerate design processes

Use reality capture and 3D visualizations to accelerate modeling and get brownfield and turnkey projects off the ground more quickly.

Connect 3D design tools

Create intelligent 3D models for site preparation, structural design and detailing, building design, piping and equipment layout. Enhance and integrate multidisciplinary collaboration and minimize data loss across your project.

Integrate visualization and analysis

Conduct stress and flow analysis, and that validate your designs meet architectural and structural requirements. Optimize design quality and keep your project on schedule.

Improve project delivery

Connect design and construction teams to improve construction coordination. Reduce risks and enhance maintenance and operations through a single model.

BIM for plant in action

  • BIM-based water treatment plant


    Turkey’s first BIM-based water treatment plant

    “BIM helps deliver better designs, enhances communications and helps reduce construction costs.” Gökmen Tuna Becerik, Su-Yapi Inc.


    Designing environmentally friendly biomass plants

    “Among the things that appeal to us is the possibility to construct, visualize, and simulate our models in Plant 3D.”

  • Optimizing the plant


    Saving time and costs with BIM

    “The model helps design for improved constructability and to optimize the plant for maintainability and safety.” Matt Lees, Atkins

Better plant design with BIM

Autodesk solutions supports plant professionals across the project lifecycle. Gain insights earlier in the process, enhance multidisciplinary team coordination, and minimize data loss across the project lifecycle. Deliver better BIM solutions using the Autodesk AEC Collection.

Bim Software For Plant Design

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