2022 Technology Admin Enhancements

Bulk delete

Gives you the ability to remove multiple users at one time—making it faster and easier to maintain your user list without needing to click down into each user’s details.

User-level reporting (available for Standard plans)

With seat usage reporting, you can see which users have assigned products and monitor their frequency of use.

On-demand Installation Services (ODIS)

Greatly simplifies the product install experience for all users.

Ability to share packages in a team

Gives you the ability to create or move packages to or from a team or personal library and have full access to edit and download packages in Team libraries.

Team Insight: Product versions

Give you insights into outlier product versions being used on a team.

SSO Enhancements*

Enables Premium customers to set up and maintain their SSO integration through their Autodesk Account. With improved help materials and a more intuitive UI, Premium customers can self-serve the domain registration process and set up and test the integration, all from within their account.

New Premium Account Admin Learning Pathway modules:

  • First Steps as an Autodesk Account Administrator
  • Be More Efficient as an Autodesk Account Administrator
  • Managing Subscriptions and Understanding Usage Reports
  • Autodesk Single Sign-on and User Provisioning Tools

*Premium plan feature