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Assessing the business value of additive manufacturing

Manufacturers are operating in the most dynamic and competitive environment in history. Additive manufacturing is a key tool in creating differentiation and competitive advantage to help manufacturers thrive in the future of making things.

Every business needs to be able to evaluate and assess the costs and benefits of implementing new technology, including additive manufacturing.

A simple framework can help evaluate the costs of adopting additive manufacturing, but also assess the true benefits of using it in any business:

  • Value add for the
    • Design process
    • Consumer
    • Business
  • Cost of implementation

Additive manufacturing is continuing to improve, and as the range of printable industrial materials expands the benefits to business will continue to increase.


Additive Manufacturing in the real world


    Autodesk researchers overcame the current limits of additive manufacturing by combining it with the age-old casting technique familiar to all manufacturers. The result is a light-weight airplane seat and a solution for large scale addictive production of industrial parts.

  • FIT AG

    Combining the power of various Autodesk software tools, FIT AG utilizes additive manufacturing to make automotive parts much more quickly and easily. The result is also less weight and volume in parts which offers immense benefits to end-customers.


    RAMLAB and Autodesk have pioneered a hybrid manufacturing process to deliver on-demand parts for ships in port. They have created a ship propeller combining wire and arc additive manufacturing using industrial robotic arms and subtractive machining and grinding techniques.

Do you want to innovate with additive manufacturing in your business?

We have a range of solutions and tools that have helped clients implement additive manufacturing techniques. Let’s have a chat to see what we might be able to do for your business.