Autodesk Fusion 360 Hardware Ecosystem

Autodesk partners with industry leaders to develop deeper technology integrations through collaboration, streamlining workflows to get you running faster, increasing manufacturing throughput, and maximizing profit potential.

Better Together: Fusion 360 & Industry Partners

Fusion 360 connects product development processes end-to-end and integrates a broad array of manufacturing hardware solutions, ultimately improving simulation before manufacturing, and productivity during operations.

Our Machine Tools, Additive Machinery, Tooling, Probing & Work-Holding partners come in all shapes, sizes, and variants. Autodesk’s ever-evolving ecosystem of hardware partners delivers machine integrations and enables deeper integrations through partner add-ins in Fusion 360, like Haas, Mazak, Ultimaker, HP, Dormer Pramet, and Sandvik. See some of our key partnerships below and explore how we are accelerating innovation in manufacturing.

Subtractive Machining Partners

CNC machine tool manufacturer collaboration gives you confidence that your machine will be up and running quickly with machine simulation models and dedicated post processors.

Cutting Tool Partners

Dynamic tool libraries and add-in integrations simplify the tooling selection process of CAM programing with the ability to directly import tooling geometries and cutting data.

Workholding & Metrology Partners

Direct import of fixturing and workholding models allow for the creation of accurate manufacturing setups.

Additive Partners

Integration of 3D printer machines creates easy access to standard manufacturer parameters for process simulation and build settings.

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