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Autodesk Fusion and Kennametal

Improve manufacturing processes by creating your own tool path simulations and getting instant cutting tool and data recommendations with Autodesk Fusion and Kennametal cutting tools. 

autodesk fusion kennametal partnership

Who is Kennametal?

Kennametal is the largest manufacturer of metal-cutting tools in North America and the second-largest worldwide. Kennametal's innovations in materials science, tooling, and wear-resistant solutions are trusted by customers across diverse industries, including aerospace, earthworks, energy, general engineering, and transportation. 

autodesk fusion kennametal tooling partnership

Kennametal and Autodesk Partnership

Kennametal and Autodesk have partnered to streamline the process of going from CAD/CAM to CNC Machining. This is achieved through in-product integrations like add-ins that link Fusion to the tooling setup and a collection of vetted tooling simulation models.

Our integrations allow for a closer connection between Kennametal tooling and your CAM environment. This enables you to select, setup, and simulate your on-machine tooling with greater ease and technological insight, while saving time and minimizing errors. Our joint efforts aim to increase your confidence and accuracy and reduce the time required to set up your machines.

Have confidence in your cutting tools with Kennametal

Work with proven machining and manufacturing solutions when using Kennametal tooling and Autodesk Fusion.

Kennametal Add-in for Autodesk Fusion

With the Kennametal add-in for Autodesk Fusion, you can access tool and cutting data recommendations, build tool assemblies using standard and verified tool information from any supplier, and collaborate with colleagues and Kennametal machining experts.

Manufacturing machining is made easier with the Kennametal add-in for Autodesk Fusion, which you can use instantly for smarter and faster CAM programming.

Unlock your full potential with Autodesk Fusion and Kennametal

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Unlock additional capabilities for 3 to 5-axis CNC machining, sheet-based nesting and fabrication, and metals-based additive manufacturing.

Get Inventor + AutoCAD + Autodesk Fusion + more—Professional-grade tools for product development and manufacturing planning.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a cutting tool?

A cutting tool is a piece of hardware for a CNC machine with cutting edges that are able to create flat faces, shoulders, slots, and contoured surfaces. There are many options for machinery, tools, and controls to cut a part so it's important to know the fundamentals before selecting the right ones for your machining job.

Do Kennametal tools work well with Autodesk Fusion?

The Kennametal add-in for Autodesk Fusion streamlines the important steps of selection, creation, and purchasing of the tooling you need for your machining processes. The Kennametal add-in for Autodesk Fusion also reduces the occurrence of mistakes made by manual data entry.

What is the difference between Autodesk Fusion and Autodesk Fusion 360?

Autodesk Fusion, formerly Autodesk Fusion 360, is design, engineering, electronics, and manufacturing software, all-in-one. Connect your entire product development process into one cloud-based software with integrated 3D CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB.