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Start Your Digital Construction Journey: A Transformation Road Map

As projects around the world become more complex, construction companies have their work cut out for them: To stay competitive, they must find ways to improve risk management, data security, and workforce safety. They also need to explore how to complete projects more effectively—especially because major construction projects are, on average, delivered a year behind schedule and 30% over budget.

All signs point to an industry that’s ripe for digital transformation. And construction companies concur: According to a recent IDC report, 72% say that going digital is a main priority. Unlike other industries, however, construction has been slow to digitalize and to adopt advanced technologies such as cloud, mobile, and big data.

But change is happening: Most companies are still in the early stages of their digital transformation journey, but those that use workflows based on building information modeling (BIM) are farther along the path. It’s a bumpy road, for sure—if it were easy, everyone would be doing it—but companies that plan strategically and invest wisely in software and technology will find that the destination was worth the journey. Learn more about the road map to digital transformation in the interactive infographic below.

digital construction journey infographic

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