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Finite Element Analysis

Finite element analysis

Finite element analysis (FEA) is a computerized method for predicting how a product reacts to real-world forces, vibration, heat, fluid flow, and other physical effects. Finite element analysis shows whether a product will break, wear out, or work the way it was designed. It is called analysis, but in the product development process, it is used to predict what is going to happen when the product is used.

FEA works by breaking down a real object into a large number (thousands to hundreds of thousands) of finite elements, such as little cubes. Mathematical equations help predict the behavior of each element. A computer then adds up all the individual behaviors to predict the behavior of the actual object.

Finite element analysis helps predict the behavior of products affected by many physical effects, including:


Autodesk solutions for manufacturing

See how the Autodesk solution for digital prototyping is helping manufacturers design, visualize, and simulate consumer products, industrial machinery, building products, and more.
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Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping

Digital Prototyping is a revolutionary approach to product development that lets you design, visualize, and simulate products rapidly and cost-effectively. With the powerful, accurate simulation tools in Autodesk finite element analysis and simulation software, you can do more simulation in-house and validate and optimize your designs before releasing them to the shop floor.
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Finite element analysis & simulation software for students

Students can push the boundaries of finite element analysis and simulation with Autodesk software. Download the same, full version software that more than 9 million designers, engineers, and digital artists are using, including Autodesk Inventor Professional, Autodesk CFD, Autodesk Moldflow Advisor Ultimate, and Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional software.
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Finite element analysis & simulation software for product design

The Autodesk Simulation family of products delivers a comprehensive set of finite element analysis and simulation software tools that are easy to integrate into each phase of the product development process. From mechanical stress, vibration, and motion to computational fluid dynamics, plastic injection molding, and multiphysics, finite element analysis and simulation software from Autodesk provides a fast, accurate, and innovative approach to solving your most challenging design problems.

Simulation Mechanical
Study finite element analysis (FEA) and mechanical event simulation.


CFD, CFD Viewer
Use computational fluid dynamics models to compare design alternatives.


Optimize and validate your injection molding process.


Inventor Professional
Develop, manage, and deliver great products with digital prototyping capabilities.


Product Design Suite Ultimate
A comprehensive digital prototyping solution to help you make great products.

Robot Structural Analysis Professional
Calculate and analyze large, complex structural models.

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