Account management for admins

Set up a Premium plan

How to set up your Premium plan

As an admin, you can follow these steps to set up an Autodesk Premium plan. Track your progress with premium onboarding courses listed below. For an overview, see Choose a plan for your Autodesk subscriptions.


Note: If you have a Standard plan, see Set up a Standard plan.

  1. Configure and deploy single sign-on (SSO) if you haven't already. See the Single sign-on configuration guide.

  2. Assign users to products individually or by group. Users are automatically added to your user list when using SSO. 

  3. View your reports. See Seat usage reporting.

  4. Manage contracts and renewals. See Billing and orders overview

  5. Learn how to contact support. See How to contact support.

Onboarding courses

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What level of support do you have?

Different subscription plans provide distinct categories of support. Find out the level of support for your plan.

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