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Ready, Set Growth Event Session Four: Advanced Manufacturing; Why Autodesk?

Advanced Manufacturing; Why Autodesk?

  • Speaker: Mike Malkin (Sr. Director @ Autodesk)
  • Panel: Stephen Hooper (VP & General Manager, Fusion 360 @ Autodesk) and Srinath Jonnalagadda (VP, Business Strategy & Marketing - Design and Manufacturing @ Autodesk)

Mike Malkin will share Autodesk’s perspective on current manufacturing trends and the opportunities available for today’s manufacturing companies that are ready to innovate for greater competitive advantage. You’ll hear real-world examples of how other Autodesk customers are realizing positive outcomes tied to Smart Manufacturing, Sustainable Manufacturing, and Lean Manufacturing initiatives using Autodesk MAKE solutions—and the next steps you can take to learn how Autodesk can help you achieve your business goals.