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Data protection and privacy

We build privacy into our products, services, culture, and processes to keep pace with evolving regulations and customer expectations.

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You can always make changes to or delete your account. Simply log in and follow the instructions to make edits to your profile information. For your safety and ours, we will authenticate your identity before fulfilling your request.

How we protect your data

Autodesk’s information practices, as set forth in our Privacy Statement, Terms of Use, and other notices, comply with relevant global standards and privacy laws.

  • Our commitment to our customers

    We believe our customers should have choices regarding their data and we are committed to being transparent about what data we collect, and how it’s used, shared and stored.

    Privacy by Design

    We follow Privacy by Design principles that govern the treatment of data owned by, or under the control of, Autodesk. These are applied worldwide and reflected across the company in development plans, business plans, and day-to-day operations.

    Privacy Principles

    We follow Autodesk’s Privacy Principles and perform privacy impact assessments where personal data is collected or used. We also provide general and role-specific privacy training to our workforce.

    All of our employees, contingent workers, and subsidiaries are required to abide by our Privacy Statement and to adhere to internal policies, standards, and guidelines regarding Autodesk’s overall data protection requirements and Privacy Principles:

    • Be transparent about our actions and intent
    • Present individuals with clear and actionable choices
    • Practice purposeful collection, use, and retention of data
    • Use data for the purposes for which it was collected
    • Only share data with third parties in limited and approved ways
    • Be accountable for enforcement of these Privacy Principles

    Public policy

    We are a member of the BSA | The Software Alliance and Information Technology Industry Council (ITIC) and support their work advocating for public policies that improve privacy protections.

  • Privacy statements

    The Autodesk Privacy Statement explains how we handle personal data, how such data can be accessed and updated, and how we protect this data when interacting with third parties.

    The Cookie Statement describes the way we use cookies, tags, and pixels in our applications. It contains a link to a tool for users to set their cookie preferences. 

    The Children’s Privacy Statement addresses how we collect, process, store, and delete children’s personal data.

    The Candidate Privacy Statement describes how we collect, process, store, and delete personal data about job applicants and prospective candidates.

    Legal terms

    We provide a link to other important legal documents that may help you fully understand our services and rights, including our General Terms, Special Terms, Subscription Benefits, and Subscription Types.

    Additionally, Autodesk offers a Data Processing Addendum (DPA), which sets forth Autodesk’s obligations where it is a processor for personal data under the GDPR. Contact us to obtain a copy.

    Onward Data Transfer

    We do not anticipate any immediate change in our customers’ ability to continue to use Autodesk’s services and transfer data between the E.U. and U.S. as a result of the Schrems II decision by the European Court of Justice. The court in that case invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield and upheld the use of standard contractual clauses (SCCs) for personal data transfers from the EU to other countries. For more information, see our FAQs.

    Transparency Report

    Autodesk’s Transparency Report explains Autodesk’s policy on responding to requests for customer data by government agencies for law enforcement purposes. The report also provides statistics on the types of requests Autodesk receives and how Autodesk responds to these requests. Previous transparency reports are available below.