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Improve your Autodesk experience

Autodesk Analytics programs gather and analyze data on how Autodesk customers use our products. By participating in the programs, you add valuable input that helps us to decide how to improve the overall customer experience with Autodesk software.

Why participate?

Autodesk Analytics programs help us understand how our customer use of products and services, so we can personalize your experience and build better online, mobile and desktop applications. By analyzing usage trends and patterns we can optimize current features, make positive changes for future releases, provide more useful communications, and improve performance and quality.

How Autodesk Analytics works

Autodesk collects the following information about online, mobile and desktop application usage for Autodesk analytics programs:

  • Unique user ID – Creates a record for each use of an application as a means of linking the related usage data.
  • Product ID and license information – Specifies which applications are used and how they are licensed.
  • Application session and commands – Indicates when each application is launched, used, and the length of each session as well as commands, actions and events used during a session.
  • Document session – Indicates when a document is opened and closed and the length of each document session.
  • Geographic location – Identifies the location (city and country) where an application is used.
  • Information about system or device setup and configuration – Indicates, for example, operating system used.

This data could help Autodesk determine the following:

  • Bundled software components that customers use most
  • Autodesk products customers use most often on the same system or device
  • Autodesk products customers use within a suite
  • Ongoing support of common operating systems
  • For other uses as set forth in the Autodesk Privacy Statement

How CIP works

CIP is available for installed Autodesk desktop applications released prior to 2017.

CIP collects product usage data for all installed Autodesk desktop applications and customer system data, and sends that information electronically to Autodesk. We then analyze the data and produce reports on a range of technical and business topics, including ways to improve product performance and customer satisfaction.

CIP collects a limited amount of data daily, without interrupting participating customers' product experience. We may collect the following types of information from CIP participants:

  • Operating system name and version
  • System configuration information, such as processor, memory, and graphics card
  • Autodesk product commands and operations used
  • Name, serial number, and version of Autodesk products
  • Error conditions
  • Format and source of data imported to or exported from Autodesk products

This data could help Autodesk determine the following:

  • Which video cards to support
  • Operating systems to use for testing the software
  • How many customers are finding and using new or enhanced product features
  • Bundled software components that customers use most

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