Terms of Use


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in General Terms, Subscription Types or any other part of these Terms, the Moxion product offerings listed below are provided pursuant to the following offering framework and terms.  Except as expressly modified by these Special Terms, the Autodesk Terms of Use remain in full force and effect with respect to Your Moxion subscriptions and other offerings.

Moxion Dailies:

Moxion Dailies are offered on a per Production Budget Tier, per Production, per month* , basis and include unlimited Authorized Users and 2TB of storage and one (1) Room. Each Room has a 25 concurrent participant limit.    Dailies also include access to Immediates.  Use of Immediates requires a license to Qtake which must be purchased by You directly from IN2CORE, a third party.  Autodesk will have no obligation or other responsibilities of any kind with respect to Your Qtake license.

* Monthly fees are based on an annual SKU, prorated for the desired number of months.    

“Production” means a single feature-length motion picture or television series.

Production Budget Tiers are shown in the table, below:   

Production Budget Tiers**

<$5 million

>$5 million but <$10 million

>$10 million but <$20 million

>$20 million but <$40 million

>$40 million but <$60 million

>$60 million but <$80 million

>$80 million

**It is Your obligation to notify Autodesk of any increases to a Production Budget that will put that Production into a higher Budget Tier. Autodesk will charge You the applicable additional amounts due for the new Budget Tier.

Moxion SDR and HDR/Dolby Vision:

Moxion SDR and HDR/Dolby Vision Offerings are provided on a per Production, per month basis.

Moxion Rooms:

Each Room has a 25 concurrent participant limit.

Moxion Add-Ons:

The following offerings are available as add-ons for additional charge:




2TB per month

Forensic Watermarking

10000 minutes per year

Mx Production Success***

per month

Additional Room

per month

If you exceed the amount of Storage or Forensic Watermarking you’ve purchased, You are obligated to pay for any additional Units of these Add-ons used.

***Mx Production Success Includes the following:

      (i)   A dedicated Moxion Production Success manager;

      (ii)   Hybrid AWS setup and support;

      (iii)   Customer branded instance;

      (iv)   Customer domain, integration and maintenance;

      (v)   Company standardized security settings;

      (vi)   Admin-related capabilities: company-wide reports, templates and folder permissions and self-managed company-wide administration;

      (vii)   Ongoing training and support; and

      (viii)   24/7 customer success.