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Scalable and secure services

Our commitment to high availability enables our customers to enjoy the full power of Autodesk’s suite of products, services and applications.

Experiencing a product or service outage?

To check the status of an ongoing product or service outage, or to view an upcoming maintenance schedule, visit the Health Dashboard.

Our commitment to availability

Autodesk designed its services to be scalable, providing our customers with reliable, resilient, and safe applications.

  • Building a resilient network

    We maintain separate environments for staging and production, isolated from our corporate network, where access is granted only to authorized personnel. All traffic into our production networks is denied by default and must traverse a fully redundant, fault-tolerant infrastructure.

  • Managing risks to availability

    We developed policies and standards to ensure security, availability, and confidentiality commitments are met and routinely conduct internal and external risk assessments and audits of our cloud environment. We monitor processing capacity and usage data to manage ever-changing demand and enable additional capacity to meet our system requirements.

Learn more about our operational processes

We execute on procedures for critical activities, such as application release management, hardware and operating system upgrades, and system health monitoring.

  • Patch management

    Our patch management policy helps ensure effective patch deployment. Where possible, automation is in place to check for new patches and prepare deployment lists that are approved by authorized Security personnel.

  • Incident management

    Our incident management policy defines best practices for driving incident resolution and is guided by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v3 framework. The goal of the policy is to collect and distribute incident information so that processes are continuously improved and future responses are driven by accumulated knowledge.

  • Data replication

    Customer data is replicated between data centers in separate locations. Replication prevents the possibility of data loss or delay in service if failover to a backup data center is required. For cross-border transfer of personal data and suitable safeguards, please see the Autodesk Privacy Statement.

  • Performance and scalability

    Our capacity management policy helps us maintain a high level of availability by collecting and adjusting computing resources based on resource usage statistics. We routinely conduct performance and load tests to ensure our services are resilient against usage spikes.