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Fusion 360 now includes all the functionality for a single price. Take control of your entire product development process with the removal of the barriers to technology.

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    Generative Design

    | Watch video (2:32 min)
    Define project objectives

    Identify your goals, constraints, material and manufacturing options to setup your design study.

    Generate and explore designs

    Simultaneously generate multiple process and performance-aware design options in the cloud.

    Optimize designs and materials

    Evaluate data for each design option to make decisions based on the various tradeoffs that are most critical to your needs.

    Export CAD-ready files

    Choose a generative design outcome to export using cloud credits, and import the CAD-ready geometries into Fusion 360.


    Advanced Simulation

    |Watch video (2:43 min)
    Advanced analysis tools

    Use bolt connectors, multiple load cases, and rigid elements in simulation tests or simplify designs by cloning, removing faces, and replacing with primitives.


    Predict unexpected failure modes for slender members under compression using cloud simulation.

    Nonlinear stress

    Analyze permanent deformations and nonlinear materials using cloud simulation.

    Event simulation

    Ensure your design will withstand impact using cloud simulation.

    Shape optimization

    Identify unnecessary regions in your design for light weighting using cloud simulation.


    Advanced Manufacturing

    | Watch video (2:51 min)

    Leverage on machine probes to locate work offsets.

    3+2 machining (5-axis positional)

    Reduce the setups required for your job by positioning the stock in different directions through a combination of A, B, or C axis motions.

    4-axis machining

    Rotate the part using the A axis of your machine to create toolpaths for 4 axis indexing or wrap toolpaths.

    5-axis simultaneous machining

    Set up 5-axis operations with tilting, swarf, and multi-axis contour.


    Subscription Services

    |Watch video (1:11 min)
    Continuous updates

    Fusion 360 updates continuously so that you can access to the latest technology at no extra cost.

    Forum, email, and phone support

    Support from the Fusion 360 team on the forums, direct email, and phone support services.

    Flexible subscriptions with cloud credits options

    Annual and monthly subscriptions are available, and include cloud credits with purchase.



    | Watch video (5:38 min)

    Create and edit sketches with sketch constraints and dimensions. Turn sketches into 3D objects.

    Parametric modeling

    Create history-based features (i.e. extrude, revolve, loft, sweep) that update with design changes.

    Sheet metal

    Design sheet metal components using sheet metal rules. Document and manufacture flat patterns using 2D drawings and cutting strategies.

    Freeform modeling

    Create complex sub-divisional surfaces with T-Splines, and increase the density of T-Spline faces.

    Direct modeling

    Edit or repair imported geometry from non-native file formats.

    Mesh modeling

    Edit and repair imported scans or mesh models (i.e. STL, OBJ files).

    Surface modeling

    Create and edit complex parametric surfaces for repairing, patching, or designing geometry.


    Design assemblies with a traditional bottom-up or top-down approach and analyze assembly motion.

    PCB design integration

    Design the PCB object directly in Fusion 360. Synchronize bi-directional changes from your electronics designs seamlessly with Autodesk EAGLE interoperability.



    | Watch video (2:52 min)
    2D manufacturing drawings

    Document manufacturing specifications using integrated, associative drawings for parts and assemblies.


    Communicate your designs with 3D exploded views and animations to show design assembly.


    Create photo-realistic images of your model, leveraging local or cloud computing.


    Data Management & Collaboration

    | Watch video (3:04 min)
    Version management

    View or promote previous versions with automatic or manual version control.

    Fusion Team

    Get project and user-level administration for multi-user environments.

    Live design reviews

    View edits made to the design live within Fusion 360 and interact with the design in your browser.

    Commenting & redlining

    Capture and markup decisions made in the design process directly on the design.

    Public or private design sharing

    Share data with internal or external stakeholders using safe and secure public links.



    | Watch video (1:35 min)
    Mac OSx & Windows

    Fusion 360 is natively written for both Mac and PC. Use your preferred OS or both, at no extra cost.

    Browser data access

    Interact in the design process using your web browser.

    Mobile viewing & management

    Manage your design and project data from anywhere, on any mobile device, using iOS or Android.



    | Watch video (2:14 min)
    Cloud simulation

    Setup and analyze multiple tests in the cloud using the cloud credits that come with your subscription.

    Static stress & modal frequencies

    Analyze your design under different conditions using various materials, loads and constraints.

    Thermal & thermal stress

    Understand thermal distributions and how they interact with physical forces.



    | Watch video (2:11 min)
    3D printing utility

    Slice, build supports, and generate toolpaths for a variety of 3D printers.


    Program CNC lathe machines with traditional toolpaths (i.e. facing, roughing, grooving, drilling, etc.)

    Water jet, laser cutter, plasma cutter

    Easily create efficient multi-axis toolpaths with advanced collision control for complex 3D designs.

    2.5 & 3-Axis Machining

    With HSM CAM included, quickly generate toolpaths, reduce machine wear, and create quality parts.

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