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Check out the following resources to get up and running with your Autodesk software.

Autodesk Student & Educator Learning Center
Explore Autodesk learning resources using our interactive tool. Find materials to help you get started, learn more, and teach for a wide variety of Autodesk products across multiple disciplines.

BIM Workshop
The BIM Workshop is designed for architecture, civil engineering, structural engineering, and construction management studies. Drill down into a specific field of study to access free curricula, videos, tutorials, and interactive learning tools.

Digital STEAM Workshop
The Autodesk Digital STEAM Workshop is an interactive and highly visual curriculum that offers a project-based learning experience. Students learn about technology using real-time 3D, games, storytelling, and short easy-to-follow videos.

ForceEffect eBook
This tool introduces design and engineering to high school and college students. Real life examples and video tutorials help bring statics concepts to life, offering students a more intuitive, fun way to solve engineering problems using ForceEffect. Educators can use this material as a complement to their own curriculum.

Simulation Workshop
The Autodesk Simulation Workshop is an online resource center that contains a series of adaptable modules designed to help students learn and develop a stronger fundamental understanding of mechanical engineering.

Sustainability Workshop
The Autodesk Sustainability Workshop offers free online resources that teach the principles and practice of sustainability in engineering and design.