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Manufacture small, precision parts at high volumes with Swiss machining. Use Fusion 360 with FeatureCAM software to unlock PartMaker and rapidly create highly accurate NC code for burr-free parts.

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What is Swiss machining software?

Swiss machining software allows you to program your multi-axis and sliding headstock Swiss lathes easily. Swiss CAM software such as Autodesk PartMaker® (included in Fusion 360 with FeatureCAM) can produce CNC programs that drive main and sub-spindle machining operations. These can be used for turning, indexed and interpolated C-axis milling, Y-axis, and B-axis milling.

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How do I use Swiss machining software?

Swiss machining software helps you quickly produce small, accurate parts through synchronous cutting on Swiss and multi-axis lathes. Visual synchronization in Autodesk PartMaker allows NC code to be created and optimized to maximize machine productivity.

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Program Swiss and multi-axis lathes

Post processors allow CNC code to be exported to suit the unique capabilities of your specific machine tool. Autodesk PartMaker includes a library of proven, configurable post processors for Swiss and multi-axis lathes. Customize the NC output to suit your application with easy to use post processor edits.

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Machine simulation for Swiss lathes

Verify and visualize your Swiss machining process with a digital twin of your specific lathe. Autodesk PartMaker includes machine simulation and collision checking of Swiss and multi-axis lathes from major machine manufacturers, including twin-spindle multi-toolpost machines.

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Dedicated solutions for Swiss and production turning

Fusion 360 with FeatureCAM software includes PartMaker for specialist CAM programming of Swiss and multi-axis lathes.

See how people are using PartMaker


    Swiss machining for complex medical parts

    This medical device manufacturer uses PartMaker to produce highly engineered precision parts for the medical industry.

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    Complex jobs are their niche

    Production turning software enables this precision manufacturer to grow business and differentiate with more complex jobs.

    Image courtesy of Marver Med


    High-tolerance parts, faster

    This manufacturer of superior-quality pushrods creates high-tolerance parts with minimal turnaround time.

    Image courtesy of Smith Brothers Pushrods

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