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BIM technology supports architects throughout the lifecycle of design. Explore how BIM for architecture helps you:

  • Take your design from concept to reality with improved quality and efficiency
  • Gain a competitive edge to grow your business
  • Realize your creative vision with innovative technology solutions that enable impactful design

Managing the business

Discover ways to help distinguish your firm, bring in new clients, and retain current clients. Learn how technology can enable you to increase your architecture firm’s efficiency and grow its profitability. Get tips on managing effectively and nurturing your business to success.

  • 5 Reasons you’re BIM ready

    You’re more BIM-ready than you think. But if you’re not convinced, this article details five good reasons why you’re already prepared to implement BIM into your working processes.

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  • BIM 101

    This introductory video goes over the basics of Building Information Modeling, or BIM. Learn what BIM is and how it can help your architecture firm.

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  • 5 new ways to win more work

    You already know that using BIM in architecture practice will help your team work faster and more efficiently, and output higher quality work in less time, but did you know you can use it to bring in more work to your architecture firm?

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  • The Definitive Guide to Growing your Firm

    Harness the power of BIM to win more work, retain clients, produce higher quality work, and offer specific new billable services at no added cost to your firm. This free e-book give actionable strategies for strengthening your business with BIM.

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  • Good management

    Watch five architecture firms talk about the benefits of BIM, from enhanced profitability to better communication to winning more work.

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  • Achieving Strategic ROI

    Free e-book to help you better understand the impact of investing in design technology for the different phases of BIM adoption, and a framework for how to determine your return on investment.

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  • Winning more work and increasing profitability

    In this free eBook, leading architecture firms share how BIM has helped them with the tools they need to grow their business through winning more work.

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  • BIM pilot projects

    David Miller, Crate & Barrel and Miller Hull have all successfully adopted BIM with smart decisions about pilot projects, training, and documenting work processes. Find out why BIM has proven indispensable.

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  • Getting started with BIM: a guide to your first project

    Give BIM a test drive with this free eBook. Learn a framework for implementing your first successful BIM pilot project.

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  • Building your business

    You're not an MBA, but growing your firm’s business is central to your role. Here are some tips and ideas for attracting and retaining clients.

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