Sustainability in Architecture, Engineering & Construction

The world demands new ways of living, working, designing, and making.

Improve efficiencies, reduce carbon emissions, and minimize waste

Few challenges are as complex as delivering high-performing, net zero, and resilient buildings and infrastructure at scale. There are tremendous opportunities for AEC firms to lead this transformation with tools and processes that quantify and optimize the total carbon impact on the built environment.

Learn how AEC firms are using technology to address climate change and drive sustainability (video: 4:45 min.).

Climate change doesn’t know boundaries

Leading engineering firms call for policy makers to be bold and set lofty goals. The technology to tackle sustainable challenges exists; we just need to scale it.

Forward-thinking sustainable design

Revit 3D view of analytical surfaces

Lake|Flato Architects

Committed to sustainable design

Every project at Lake|Flato Architects is driven with the goal of total carbon management and making the best decisions possible for the design itself and impact on the climate. Motivated by the growth and demand for sustainable buildings, Lake|Flato shares its approach to sustainable design.

Image courtesy of Lake|Flato

Opportunities to drive sustainability in AEC

  • A modern library building

    Total Carbon Management

    Measure and manage embodied and operational carbon on every project.

    Image courtesy of Lake|Flato, copyright Casey Dunn

  • Building under construction


    Accelerate the design and construction of places that are safer, healthier, and more adaptable.

  • A highway through an urban landscape, overlaid with icons representing sustainability


    Design and construct with reuse in mind. Track all the materials going into a project with materials passports.

  • A model of several buildings in BIM illustrating infrastructure and building design workflows

    Building Information Model (BIM)

    Empower teams everywhere to leverage automation to streamline work and generate insights from exponentially increasing data.

  • The Dynamo Pavillion, which was digitally fabricated and generatively designed by Autodesk’s AEC Generative Design team

    Generative design & machine learning

    Quickly generate high-performing design alternatives from a single idea.

  • A digital twin model of several buildings in BIM

    Digital twin

    Create an intelligent, digital replica to optimize performance, gain insights, and reduce costs.

See the firms embracing sustainability

  • An excavator in front of a building under construction


    Reducing construction emissions with EC3

    Developed collaboratively, the EC3 is an Embodied Carbon Calculator—a tool that can help the industry increase transparency and reduce emissions.

  • A screenshot showing wind analysis on an elementary school building design


    D/P/S wins with net-zero buildings

    D/P/S is focused on slowing down the effects of climate change by aiming for net-zero, energy-certified building designs.

  • Aerial view of a water treatment plant and basins. Rendering.


    Strengthening water system resilience with BIM

    Technology tools boost speed and efficiency for a critical water infrastructure renovation.


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