Design & Make Software Ecosystem

Autodesk partners with industry leaders to develop deeper software integrations through collaboration, streamlining workflows to get you running faster, increase manufacturing throughput, and maximize profit potential.

Better Together: Fusion 360 & Our Partners

Fusion 360's ever-evolving ecosystem of software partners redefines connected manufacturing. 

Autodesk integrates product development processes end-to-end and partners with software leaders in design, manufacturing, smart products, and smart factories with the goal of enabling customers to automate time-consuming processes and open up previously siloed workflows to enable better collaboration. 

Autodesk Fusion 360 Software Partners

Software partners integrate across D&M products in PDMC and Fusion 360. Our partners help our customers differentiate with data, expand our capabilities and automate time-consuming processes. 



Since 2019, Autodesk and Ansys have partnered to bring the power of simulation to product designers within Fusion 360 with the Autodesk Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension. Our strategic alliance connects the art of design with the science of analysis to create greater depth and breadth in an industry that needs to be able to design and make things differently. 




Autodesk and Cadence have partnered to bridge the gap between mechanical and electronic engineers. The direct connection between Fusion and Cadence’s PCB design capabilities enables data to flow in both directions, facilitating more seamless collaboration between engineering teams, enabling them to accelerate smart product design and fuel innovation to meet customer demands.




Makersite powers sustainable product and supply chain decisions at scale. The Makersite Fusion 360 add-in works by converting your CAD model into a Bill of Materials (BOM). Makersite’s AI platform calculates climate change impacts and cost estimates. It also provides suggestions on material alternatives to reduce these impacts.



Our partnership gives Autodesk access to integrate the best toolpath technologies from Powermill, FeatureCAM and the advanced toolpath calculation algorithms developed by ModuleWorks directly into Fusion 360, making it easier to to generate high-performance, collision-free toolpaths for efficient multi-axis milling and turning.




The Xometry Instant Quote App enables users to instantly get DFM feedback, price estimates and lead time estimates without leaving Fusion 360, allowing design engineers to see the direct impact of design changes on their part’s cost and manufacturability. Designers can leverage manufacturing on-demand and order parts directly from Xometry's Supplier Network. 


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