Autodesk Software Keyboard Shortcuts

Get shortcut keys and commands lists for popular Autodesk products.

Commands and Hotkeys

Visit these keyboard shortcut guides to get lists of commands and printable reference guides for Autodesk software.

AutoCAD Shortcuts


Get one-key shortcuts, toggles and screen management commands and A-Z shortcuts for AutoCAD.



One-key shortcuts, toggles and screen management, and A-Z commands for AutoCAD LT.


Civil 3D

Get the default action shortcut keys for Civil 3D. 



Maya and Mudbox Shortcuts


Get one-key shortcuts, pane specific commands and shortcut commands by category for Maya.


Mudbox hotkeys for sculpting, painting, transformation, display, menus and more.

Autodesk Fusion, Inventor, and Revit Shortcuts

Autodesk Fusion

Autodesk Fusion commands for various workspaces, such as Animate, CAM, Simulate, Sculpt, and Drawing.


Revit keyboard shortcuts for Annotate, Architecture, Collaborate, Manage, and more.


Get one-key shortcuts, commands by category and multi-character command aliases for Inventor.

More Shortcut Command Resources

Customize AutoCAD shortcut keys

Learn how to create and customize shortcut keys for AutoCAD products.

Support & Learning

Visit Autodesk Support to find tutorials, documentation, and troubleshooting articles for Autodesk products.