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Keyboard ALT + g to toggle grid overlay

Fusion 360 Keyboard Shortcuts

Fusion 360 shortcuts & hotkey guide

Work faster and more efficiently by using the Fusion 360 keyboard shortcuts below.




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Animate Workspace Commands

U Auto Explode All Levels
E Manual Explode
P Publish Video
M Transform Components
C View

CAM Workspace Commands

Ctrl + D | Command +D Duplicate
Ctrl + G | Command + G Generate Toolpath
Shift+S Scripts and Add-Ins
Ctrl + L | Command + L Show Log

Canvas Selection

Ctrl + C | Command + C Copy
Ctrl + X | Command + X Cut
Hold Shift + Hold Middle Mouse Button Orbit
Hold Shift + Click then Hold Middle Mouse Button Orbit around point
Hold Middle Mouse Button Pan
Ctrl + V | Command + V Paste
Ctrl + Y | Command + Y Redo
Ctrl + Z | Command + Z Undo
Roll Middle Mouse Button Zoom

Drawing Workspace Commands

B Balloon
C Center Mark
Delete Delete
D Dimension
M Move
P Projected View
T Text

Edit Form Commands

Alt + Drag Add geometry
Alt + Control + Drag | Alt + Command + Drag Add geometry and keep creases

Electronics workspace

/ Activate command line
H Add Hole
A Add Part
T Add Text
B Bus
C Change
Ctrl+C | Command+C Copy
Delete | Backspace Delete
D Dimension
Ctrl+D | Command+D DRC
Ctrl+E | Command+E ERC
E Errors
G Grid
Shift+L Label
R Manual Route
R Move
N Name
R Net
Alt+Ctrl+3 | Option+Command+3 New Device
Alt+Ctrl+2 | Option+Command+2 New Footprint
Alt+Ctrl+1 | Option+Command+1 New Symbol
Alt+Ctrl+4 | Option+Command+4 Package 3D Create
O Pad
Shift+O Pad Array
P Pin
Shift+P Pin Array
Ctrl+Y | Command+Shift+Z Redo
U Ripup
Alt+Shift+P | Option+Shift+P Ripup All Polygons
Ctrl+R | Command+R Route Diff Pair
Shift+R Route Multi
Alt+Shift+S | Option+Shift+S Run Script
Shift+U Run ULP
Shift+P SMD Array
ESC Stop
Ctrl+Z | Command+Z Undo
V Value
Alt+V | Option+V Via
F6 Zoom to Fit
Ctrl+1 | Command+1 Switch Sch Doc
Ctrl+2 | Command+2 Switch PCB Doc
Ctrl+3 | Command+3 PCB 3D View
S Shortcut Dialog

Generative Design workspace

N New Generative Study
E Study Settings
C Structural Constraints
L Structural Loads

Modeling Commands

R 2-point Rectangle
A Appearance
Shift + J As-built Joint
C Center Diameter Circle
Ctrl + B | Command + B Compute All
E Extrude
F Fillet
2 Freeform Selection
H Hole
J Joint
L Line
I Measure
S Model Toolbox
M Move
X Normal / Construction
O Offset
3 Paint Selection
Q Press Pull
P Project
Shift + S Scripts and Add-ins
D Sketch Dimension
Shift + N Toggle Component Color Cycling
V Toggle Visibility
T Trim
1 Window Selection

Render Workspace Commands

A Appearance

Sculpt Workspace Selection

Shift + Up Arrow Grow selection
Alt + N | Command + N Invert selection
Alt + O | Control + O Loop grow selection
Alt + P | Control + P Loop selection
Alt + Right Arrow | Control + Command + Right Arrow Next U
Alt + Up Arrow | Control + Command + Up Arrow Next V
Alt + Left Arrow | Control + Command + Left Arrow Previous U
Alt + Down Arrow | Control + Command + Down Arrow Previous V
Alt + M | Command + M Range selection
Alt + K | Control + K Ring grow selection
Alt + L | Control + L Ring selection
Alt + J | Control + J Ring shrink selection
Double-click an edge Select edge ring
Select two faces then double-click a third face Select face ring
Shift + Down Arrow Shrink selection
Ctrl + 1 | Control + 1 Toggle box mode
Ctrl + 2 | Control + 2 Toggle control frame mode
Ctrl + 3 | Control + 3 Toggle smooth mode

Simulate Workspace Selection

Ctrl + D | Command + D DOF View
F Force
Ctrl + G | Command + G Groups View
Ctrl + L | Command + L Model View
N New Simulation Study
Ctrl + R | Command + R Results View
E Settings
C Structural Constraint
L Structural Loads


Ctrl + Shift + S | Command + Shift + S Recovery Save
Ctrl + S | Command + S Save Version




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