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Hardware partners

The Series 1 3D printer is equipped with the high-temperature G2 Extruder for better temperature and print control and a wider variety of printing materials. With a modular and extensible design, the Series 1 is built for upgrades as technology improves.

3D printer

The Series 1 3D printer offers durability, modularity, and a large build volume—up to 1 cubic foot in a single print.

Comes with 1-year subscription to Fusion 360.

Large Format 3D printers and multi process CNC platforms geared towards large object development with speed and percision. Large varity of machine sizes. All metal industial grade 304 stainless and aluminum. Build volumes starting from 36 sqft up to 96,000 sqft. With a complete line of accessories available.

3D printer

ErectorBot's, measured in "Feet not Inches", produces some of the largest industrial grade 3D printing and CNC platfoms avalible. Made in the USA.



All-in-one 3D printer, CNC mill, and laser engraver. Simply slide attachment out and slide another in. To power all these tools with 4-micron resolution, BoXZY drives all axes with industrial ballscrews firmly nested in BoXZY’s sleek, anodized aluminum body.

CNC machine, 3D printer, laser engraving

Rapid-change attachments transform BoXZY from a CNC mill to a 3D printer to a laser engraver in just moments.

Comes with 1-year subscription to Fusion 360.

The Othermill is the easiest, most seamless way to bring your Fusion 360 designs into the physical realm. Simply export your tool paths, and you’ll be milling production-quality prototypes on your desktop in minutes, with virtually no training necessary.

CNC machine

The Othermill is a portable, precise milling machine for creating 2D and 3D objects out of durable materials using digital designs.

Comes with 1-year subscription to Fusion 360.

Save setup time and create more-complex parts with 5-axis machining. With a low price point, the Pocket NC is great for hobbyists, educators, startups, and anyone looking for an introduction to 5-axis machining.

CNC machine

Pocket NC offers affordable 5-axis desktop CNC mills.

Comes with 1-year subscription to Fusion 360.

Designed to print parts with the strength of metal, the Mark One Composite 3D Printer is capable of printing continuous-strand carbon fiber, Kevlar®, and fiberglass using a patent-pending Continuous Filament Fabrication (CFF™) printhead alongside a FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) printhead.

3D printer

The Mark One Composite 3D Printer™ prints continuous carbon fiber.

Use a Tormach PCNC mill for prototyping, education, home shops, small-run production, custom manufacturing, and light industrial jobs. Cut any material: steel, stainless, aluminum, plastic, titanium, iron. Tormach PCNC mills have the horsepower, accuracy, and rigidity needed to get results.

CNC machine

Get hands-on right away by going from design to finished part with Fusion 360 and Tormach personal CNC milling machines.

Comes with 1-year subscription to Fusion 360.

MyDIYCNC, a manufacturer of high-quality, precision desktop CNC machines for both hobbyists and professionals, has combined Fusion 360 with its USB Desktop CNC system for a complete and easy desktop fabrication.

CNC machine

MyDIYCNC USB Desktop CNC machines provide a complete and easy-to-use desktop fabrication solution with Fusion 360.

Free 1-year subscription to Fusion 360 with every qualifying machine kit purchase.

BioBots is the future of regenerative medicine—a high-resolution desktop 3D bioprinter that builds functional three-dimensional living tissues.

3D bioprinting

BioBots builds 3D bioprinters and biomaterials that allow you to easily create 3D tissues.

Comes with 1-year subscription to Fusion 360.

Bring your projects to life with professional, affordable CNC machines. CNC Router Parts offers complete routing and plasma cutting systems, high-quality components, free plans and instructions, and professional support for everyone from DIY builders and startups to high-volume precision fabrication shops.

CNC machine

Build your own CNC cutting machine with components and complete kits.

Free 1-year subscription to Fusion 360 with every qualifying kit.

ORD Distribution is a technology-driven company focused on helping people learn about 3D tools to understand how they can improve processes, projects, and even lives. ORD also distributes 3D printers, accessories, and consumables to a worldwide market.

3D printer

ORD is a one-stop shop for all things 3D—from 3D printers and scanners, to software and accessories.

Comes with 1-year subscription to Fusion 360.

ShopBot’s mission is to make digital fabrication widely accessible and usable. Its subtractive digital fabrication tools (CNC routers) work across a range of sizes and deliver the power, precision, and reliability of digital tools traditionally costing thousands of dollars more.

CNC machine

ShopBot Tools focuses on making digital fabrication technology affordable and accessible. Each tool is designed, built, and supported at the company’s Durham, NC, headquarters.

Comes with 1-year subscription to Fusion 360.

Using interchangeable toolheads, Makerarm can convert from a 3D printer to a CNC mill to a pick and place machine and more in a matter of seconds. You can also hook up your own tool heads for custom applications.

3D printer, CNC machine, laser engraving

Makerarm is a complete digital fabrication system and 3D printer that mounts on your desktop.

Comes with 1-year subscription to Fusion 360.

5axismaker is a first-of-its-kind affordable 5-axis CNC and 3D printer desktop machine that has been designed with a large working volume. Produce your prototypes right next to your desk. Let instant prototyping become part of your design workflow.

5-axis CNC, 3D printer

5axismaker is the first-ever affordable 5-axis multi-fabricator.

Founded in 2013 and based in New York, Deltaprintr has engineered a 3D printer that's fast, efficient and affordable. With a simple design, the Deltaprintr 3D printer brings this exciting new technology to everyone, without sacrificing quality or user-friendliness.

3D printer

Deltaprintr manufactures fast, efficient, and affordable 3D printers.

Comes with 1-year subscription to Fusion 360.



The Robo R2 series of smart, Wi-Fi enabled 3D printers give you the freedom to make whatever you can imagine, right from the Robo mobile app. The R2 series feature 3 different build volumes, built-in color touch screen, automatic self-leveling, and prints more than 20 different materials. Robo—make the imagined.

3D printer

The Robo R2 series of smart, Wi-Fi enabled 3D printers let you print directly from the Robo mobile app.

Comes with 1-year subscription to Fusion 360.



The APSX SPYDER CNC machine can cut steel and aluminum precisely and fast. It's an affordable, desktop sized machine that allows you to create metal or plastic parts with ease.

CNC machine

APSX desktop CNC machines help you quickly create metal or plastic parts.

Comes with 1-year subscription to Fusion 360.

The Stepcraft Multifunction CNC System is precision-engineered in Germany. The machine allows for interchangeable heads so you can quickly configure different tasks, including CNC machining, 3D Printing, Laser Engraving, and much more!

Desktop CNC machine

The Stepcraft CNC machine has interchangeable machine heads that allow you to perform different functions with one machine.

Comes with 1-year subscription to Fusion 360.

Software partners

ExactFlat OnLine is a cloud-based, 3D flattening solution. Prepare and publish surfaces, upload and flatten the surfaces in ExactFlat OnLine, and download and finish the patterns and drawings.

3D to 2D flattening and pattern making

ExactFlat OnLine is a simple-to-use tool that accelerates or eliminates costly production process steps for soft goods manufacturers.

KeyShot breaks down the complexity of creating photographic images, animations, and interactive visuals of your 3D models, simplifying the media creation process with fast, interactive rendering and the widest 3D file format support available.

Rendering and visualization

KeyShot® is real-time 3D rendering and animation software developed by Luxion for both PC and Mac.



Parts4cad lets you browse and configure millions of parts—from simple parts such as fasteners, nuts, and fittings to more complex components such as pumps, cylinders, and gears—from more than 400 manufacturer catalogs and insert them into your designs.

3D CAD model parts

Browse and configure millions of parts from more than 400 manufacturer-certified catalogs.

Thea Render plug-in offers users a bridge to an innovative physically based rendering solution. Features include a robust physically based material system, high-performance biased/unbiased/GPU rendering, and an advanced all-in-one studio application.

Rendering and visualization

Thea Render plug-in enhances photorealism of Fusion 360 projects with an innovative physically based rendering solution.

BriteHub connects verified suppliers and buyers from quote to purchase order, covering major manufacturing processes from plastic injection molding to CNC milling. Cloud collaboration tools help you work seamlessly with your suppliers.


Start receiving and comparing quotes from verified suppliers right inside Fusion 360. Compare quotes, connect with suppliers, and get your product made.

Proto Labs provides “real parts, really fast” by utilizing injection molding, CNC machining and additive manufacturing to produce parts for product designers and engineers worldwide.

Rapid prototypes and custom parts

Proto Labs is an online and technology-enabled quick-turn manufacturer of custom parts for prototyping and short-run production.



Designers and engineers leverage FATHOM’s expertise in 3D printing to go from concept to prototype to manufacturing. FATHOM offers prototype fabrication and low-volume production by way of advanced technologies and proven manufacturing methods.


FATHOM is an advanced manufacturer, uniquely blending additive technologies with proven manufacturing methods that enhance and accelerate a company's product development process.

SimLab Composer integration plug-in for Fusion 360 is a free, easy-to-use tool that acts as a middle layer between Fusion 360 and the SimLab Composer app for real-time rendering, 3D PDF sharing, texture baking, and dynamic simulation.

Simulation, rendering, 3D PDFs

Simulation Lab Software developed a plug-in for Fusion 360 to help MCAD designers transform 3D models into shareable art pieces. is a free resource for getting custom products made, just the way you want them. 100kGarages’ mission is to help you connect, collaborate, and create custom items. Makers, designers, and digital fabricators are all welcome here.

Online community is a free resource that connects makers, designers, and digital fabricators so they can collaborate to turn design ideas into custom products.



HWTrek matches hardware startups with the resources needed to take a project from an idea to scale, from zero to millions of devices and delighted customers. HWTrek runs the largest program for bringing global hardware startups on visits to manufacturers/supply chain experts.

SaaS hardware platform and community

HWTrek is a hardware development ecosystem platform connecting hardware startups with all the resources they need to build their product and take it to market.

Dragon Innovation provides a fast, simple, and safe way to manufacture electronics at scale. It works with hundreds of customers to produce millions of complex, innovative products, providing the tools and knowledge to go from prototype to production.

Manufacturing solutions

Dragon Innovation provides a framework and expertise for hardware teams going from prototype to production.

SIMSOLID is next generation structural FEA. It uses new computational methods which can solve assemblies with hundreds to thousands of parts directly on your standard desktop computer. SIMSOLID is the perfect complement to Fusion 360 Simulation by extending your analysis range and providing feedback in minutes.


SIMSOLID is next generation structural FEA. It analyzes fully featured parts and large assemblies without meshing. Try it with a free 30-day trial.

ProtoTech Solutions is a software development and consulting company that specializes in rapid development in CAD/CAM/CAE on desktop/mobile/cloud. Expertise in 2D/3D visualization and interoperability solutions. Since 2005, we have served 100+ customers in 50+ countries and have 50+ developers in house.

Software development and consulting

ProtoTech has expertise in Fusion 360, View Data API, Inventor, Revit, Navisworks, Solidworks, and many other Autodesk products. Free one week consultation for Fusion 360 customers.



NGRAIN's patented augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D applications are used in 27 countries around the world by leading organizations in aerospace, defense, energy, manufacturing, and heavy industry. NGRAIN applications include training, on-the-job support, and visual inspection in support of maintenance, repair, and operational activities in the enterprise.

Industrial augmented reality and virtual reality

NGRAIN offers augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D applications for the enterprise.

CNCCookbook is a leading CNC-related blog and software to help you become more effective in all things CNC, whether machinist, operator, or programmer.

Blog and Software Developer

Software and information to help CNC machinists and engineers.

At you can find furniture designs for download. You can make them yourself or use Opendesk to connect with local fabricators who can manufacture the designs for you. We make making furniture local, sustainable, and affordable.

Online Design Platform

Opendesk is an online furniture platform that connects customers with designers and manufacturing workshops around the world.

SimScale is a new-generation simulation environment that supports many types of simulation including solid mechanics, fluid dynamics, and thermodynamics. SimScale is accessible through standard web browsers and is integrated with Fusion 360 through a free add-in that provides a more seamless workflow between the design and virtual testing phases.

Simulation, CAE

SimScale, a cloud-based 3D engineering simulation platform, offers a free add-in integration with Fusion 360 and a free 14-day trial.

ENTiTi allows you to create augmented reality and virtual reality experiences, without any programming experience. Using the Fusion 360 plugin, you can seeemlessly important your 3D designs, arrange them within a scene, and bring them to life! You can also share your designs with your team and customers on the mobile app.

Augmented reality and virtual reality software

ENTiTi allows you to publish and share your 3D CAD models as augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

Swift Calcs is an intuitive, time-efficient alternative to cumbersome computation packages. It allows you to perform engineering design calculations faster and more reliably using a textbook-style mathematical notation. With Swift Calcs, you can link your results directly to your Fusion 360 design dimensions and alter design geometry.

Engineering design and analysis

Swift Calcs makes it easy to integrate mathematical analysis into your 3D design process.



Bommer bill of materials (BOM) editor for Fusion 360™ lets you define, capture, and export metadata for all the components in your design, without leaving Fusion 360! Flexible enough to adapt to any workflow, Bommer helps you streamline your BOM creation so you can get back to building your product!

BOM Management Add-in

Bommer makes it simple to create accurate bills of materials, without leaving Fusion 360!

Distribution partners

Premier Farnell offers a robust portfolio of integrated development environments and compilers, operating systems and middleware, EDA software, mechanical design software, and test and simulation software. Its element14 Design Center provides a comprehensive portfolio of software products used in product design and development.


Premier Farnell is the destination for engineering software. Its element14 Design Center provides customers with a streamlined software selection and purchasing experience.

Service providers

AMC Bridge delivers custom solutions for CAD, CAE, CAM, PDM, BIM, and PLM applications. For more than 15 years it has participated in the development of 3D and 2D modeling software products, data, document and community management technologies, CAD data interoperability, and other aspects of software development.

Software development services

AMC Bridge is a leading provider of commercial software development services in CAD, engineering, manufacturing, and construction.

Assist 2 Develop is an online marketplace that connects small businesses and engineering freelancers. Services include CAD design, 3D printing, analysis, manufacturing, project management, and customer support.

Service marketplace

Assist 2 Develop connects small businesses and to technically gifted engineering freelancers, and gives them tools to collaborate in real time. .

SolidBox is a strong mix of product design experience coupled with CAD administration and data management practices for small to medium sized companies. SolidBox likes to push the envelope and develop more efficient solutions and processes.

Training and consulting

SolidBox provides development for purpose-built computer hardware, IT support for engineering groups, project-based training, manufacturing (CNC) support, and documentation control support.

Pluralsight offers expert-led online training for professionals who want to train when and where they want and at their own pace. Pluralsight, which began in-person training in 2005 and went online in 2008, continues to grow with 600+ authors and 4,000+ courses.

Training and support

Pluralsight creates training content for designers, architects, engineers, creative professionals, makers, IT admins, and developers.

Devon Sowell has provided award-winning design services for more than 16 years. He was awarded his Method of Manufacture Patent in 2007, and has trained many CAD users in person and online. He is currently a professor at Palomar College, teaching engineering technology.

Training and consulting

Devon Sowell of CarlsbadCAD, a machine designer with 16+ years as a power CAD user, provides engineering consulting services for training and implementation onsite or online.

Beginning mainly with expertise in CAD, PDM, and PLM systems, ATR Soft, based in Finland, has solid experience with all aspects of the software development process, including project management, concept creation, analysis and design, development and configuration, integration, testing, support and training.

Software development services

ATR Soft is a full-service software house that builds custom software and business solutions, filling the gap between your business and the technology.

Software Voodoo is a development house with decades of experience pushing technology to its limits and delivering at speed and quality. No matter what you need built, Software Voodoo can be involved in every stage of the project.

Software development services

Software Voodoo offers custom software development.

Learn Squared allows you to learn innovative techniques as one industry-leading artist teaches another from a different field. You'll receive the same tutorials, information, and guidance. You can follow their journey, or you can start your own.

Online art education platform

Learn Squared is a new form of art education founded, curated, and powered by industry-leading artists.

Le FabShop supports its customers in the following fields—R&D, product design, business solutions. Paris FabClub is a dedicated digital manufacturing makerspace, innovation platform, and training space in Paris.

Innovation studio

Le FabShop, based in France, is a design and innovation studio for digital manufacturing and 3D printing.

Mold3D Academy produces high quality educational programs to give artists and designers the tools they need to succeed in their careers. We focus on next generation technologies like 3D printing/prototyping, and 3D modeling. Fields of study are toy design, jewelry design, product/industrial design and prototyping for the entertainment industry.

Online education

Mold3D Academy produces high quality educational programs focused on next generation technologies like 3D printing/prototyping, and 3D modeling.

SolidProfessor provides concise, self-paced lessons, excercises, and assessments to help you continuously improve your design skills.

Online Learning

SolidProfessor is an online learning company that specializes in engineering and design technologies.

Focalcrest helps makers and hardware startups realize their product ideas by providing rapid and customized designs of connected devices. Focalcrest specializes in smart home products, wearables, robotics, and other IoT devices.

Hardware designer and manufacturer

Focalcrest, a hardware designer and manufacturer, offers a free 2-hour service to see if your product design meets manufacturability.

Hi-Tech iSolutions LLP is a multidisciplinary global outsourcing service provider. Their professionals and experts provide solutions for complex engineering design problems across various industry verticals including: automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, energy and healthcare.

Engineering Services

Hi-Tech iSolutions is a leading engineering design services outsourcing company, specializing in 3D CAD modeling services and engineering.

HoneyPoint3D is an award-winning engineering company that helps clients obtain CAD files through their online courses or their CAD and 3D Scanning services. CAD files are optimized for 3D printing and Design For Manufacturing (DFM).


HoneyPoint3D is an award-winning engineering company specializing in CAD training, online courses and 3D scanning services.


With 33,000 square feet of prototyping lab and co-located office space, a shared machine shop and electronics shop, and on-site events and programs just 3.5 miles from downtown Boston, Greentown Labs enables energy technology startups to rapidly grow their networks and their companies.

Cleantech incubator

Greentown Labs provides access to space, resources, and funding for early-stage energy and environmental entrepreneurs.



StartX, a Stanford-affiliated nonprofit in Silicon Valley, runs one of the world’s top startup accelerator programs, providing access to a network of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and industry partners in a range of industries. Resources include cloud computing and storage credits, developer platforms, drop-in office space, and legal advice.

Nonprofit business accelerator

StartX is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to accelerate the development of Stanford’s top entrepreneurs through experiential education.

Backed by PCH’s knowledge of manufacturing in Shenzhen and its faculty of veteran engineers and mentors, Highway1 is a San Francisco-based accelerator for hardware startups that helps entrepreneurs develop a prototype at scale as you iterate your messaging, user research, and pitch practice.


Highway1 is a full-spectrum, hands-on educational program that helps entrepreneurs realize their retail distribution dreams.

New Lab


New Lab, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, houses a diverse community of designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs growing products and companies across disciplines ranging from additive manufacturing, advanced robotics, nanotech, and physical computing.


New Lab is a facility in Brooklyn, N.Y., that fosters innovation in design, prototyping, and new manufacturing.

Silicon Catalyst is the world’s first incubator focused exclusively on semiconductor solutions. It seeks to address the challenges faced by startups when going from idea to company formation to prototype, along with the industrywide concern about the lack of fund-worthy startups.


Silicon Catalyst is an incubator focused exclusively on semiconductor solution startups.



LACI builds companies in the cleantech sector. Founded and operated by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, the team uses state-of-the-art programs, tools, networks, and a culture of collaboration to build a cleantech economy to aid Los Angeles in its quest to become a sustainable city.


LACI is dedicated to building a cleantech economy for the city of Los Angeles.

MassChallenge runs a startup accelerator and competition, supporting high-impact, early-stage entrepreneurs with no strings attached. It has programs all over the world, including Boston, London, and Israel.


MassChallenge runs an annual accelerator program and startup competition globally, connecting entrepreneurs with resources, training, and networking.



mHub helps early-stage innovators go from an initial prototype to a sustainable business. Their large prototyping shop has 10 labs including 3D-printing, electronics and metals to help members develop breakthrough products.

Innovation Center

mHUB is Chicago's innovation center for physical product development and manufacturing.

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