Drainage design for all infrastructure

Design more efficient and resilient drainage systems

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A modern approach to stormwater drainage systems

As climate change increases the frequency and intensity of storms and heavy rainfall, accurate drainage design plays an increasingly important role in building safer, more resilient cities and transportation systems that protect communities and the environment.

Autodesk software facilitates detailed analysis, ensuring stormwater infrastructure is robust and compliant with regulations. Integration with Civil 3D streamlines workflows, enabling seamless incorporation of drainage designs into overall infrastructure design.

Built to empower drainage design professionals

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Sustainable drainage

Maintain safety and preserve infrastructure with sustainable drainage for any site at any scale. With advanced hydraulic modeling, users can assess rainfall patterns, runoff behavior, watershed delineation, and flood risk to get better insights for designing green drainage systems.

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Drainage for roads, railways, and airports

Ensure that any transportation infrastructure has well-designed drainage systems that address wastewater and runoff challenges and provide reliability to your roads, networks, tracks, and ports—protecting the foundations for safe travel regardless of weather conditions.

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Manage runoff for streets and buildings

Accurate drainage for urban sites protects residential and industrial buildings while minimizing environmental impact. With Autodesk, designers and engineers can prevent water accumulation on streets and around structures and reduce pavement deterioration with ease.

What better drainage solutions can do

Reduce impact

Create resilient stormwater and wastewater infrastructure to mitigate environmental and community impact.


Streamline approvals

Get quicker approvals with improved accuracy, flexible reporting, and clear, easily reviewable drainage designs.


Improve design quality

Produce better surface drainage designs faster with advanced modeling and enhanced integration with Civil 3D.


Better collaboration

Effortlessly exchange data between InfoDrainage and Civil 3D for a smooth workflow among stakeholders.


Software for efficient drainage designs

Design and audit drainage systems quickly, easily, and confidently.

Model complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements quickly, accurately, and collaboratively.

Civil engineering design and construction documentation

Resources for drainage design professionals

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Fundamentals of Drainage Design

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle drainage design challenges.


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InfoDrainage and
Civil 3D integration

Learn about the growing integration of InfoDrainage into Civil 3D.


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Transform your drainage design workflows

See how you can make drainage design processes more efficient with InfoDrainage.


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From grey to green

Learn about the importance, opportunities, and impact of improving sustainable drainage design.

Let’s talk drainage design solutions

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