Woodworking & furniture design software

Fusion 360 is easy-to-use 3D modeling design software that lets you design, validate, and manufacture your woodworking and furniture products. Each phase of the product journey is integrated into one CAD/CAM solution.

What is woodworking software?

Woodworking is the craft of making usable and functional objects, and like every craft, woodworking starts with design.

Woodworking software allows you to design, visualize, and experiment with your parts in 3D, before you start cutting wood by hand or on a CNC router.

Furniture makers, designers, cabinet makers, and craftspeople use woodworking software to design and make anything.

What is furniture design software?

Furniture design software allows furniture designers and fabricators to ideate, design, visualize, and manufacture finished products by bringing CAD, 3D design, and fabrication tools directly to the shop floor.

Ensure the form and function of your furniture pieces before you go to production.

The best woodworking and furniture design software

Fusion 360 is easy-to-use 3D modeling software that allows you to design, test, modify, and visualize your projects in 3D before bringing them to life.

  • Create complex, organic shapes, and traditional joinery with complete 3D modeling tools that integrate surface, freeform, and solid bodies.
  • Design and edit cabinetry or ergonomics more accurately with parametric controls.
  • Expand your products' possibilities with integrated fabrication tools, including sheet metal, simulation, electronics, and CAM.

"With Fusion 360, I can build it before I build it. The extensive design tools and parametric nature of Fusion 360 allow me to solve problems and engineer real-world builds as I design. As a furniture maker, I can’t imagine doing my work without it."

– Paul Moorhead, Owner, Angel City Workshop


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