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Structural Design and Fabrication Workflow for 3D Reinforcement

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    In this class, you'll discover a practical structural workflow around Revit software that takes advantage of rich engineering data, and you'll learn how to share the project intelligently with engineers, designers, detailers, and fabricators, essentially utilizing the "I" of Building Information Modeling (BIM). This process will create a better-connected BIM workflow that integrates structural analysis data, real 3D reinforcement, and steel connection verification in Revit. When transferring intelligent structural analysis data from an engineering software to Revit, combined with powerful Revit add-ons, you can easily automate placement of 3D bars based on United States codes and drawing generation of such details. We'll also see how Revit and BIM 360 can help you produce data ready to fabrication. Revit engineering models contain a large amount of extremely useful data, and we'll see how it can be beneficial to incorporate all stakeholders up to the fabricators in the BIM workflow.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the value of connecting your engineering analysis model into your Revit workflow
    • Understand the benefit of transferring your intelligent constructability data from analysis and design software to Revit, and vice versa
    • Learn how to create a connected and advanced BIM workflow to utilize advantages that only intelligent BIM data offers
    • Explore a working design-to-fabrication workflow powered by BIM 360