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From Revit Model to Production: A Detailed Look into the Workflow at Voorbij Prefab

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    Voorbij Prefab is a highly automated concrete factory in the Netherlands that produces wall elements for housing. At Voorbij Prefab, the clients’ Revit models are directly used to generate data for the robots. This class will show the complete workflow. It starts with managing the clients to get uniform models, then combining the Revit models, and using Dynamo to add all the concrete detailing. Using IDAT software, based on AutoCAD software, reinforcement is added and files are created to feed the robots. Finally, BIM 360 Field software is used in combination with QR codes to scan and view the precast elements on the building site. Not only will we explain this workflow, we’ll do it from start to finish during this one-hour class—and an element by choice will be produced live in the factory in Amsterdam! At the end of this class, we’ll take a look into the future regarding how the Structural Precast Extension in combination with IDAT tools can be used to produce even more efficiently with Revit software.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how standardized modeling can be used to benefit the prefab production process
    • Learn how to collaborate with partners and clients to get an efficient workflow
    • Learn how to integrate Dynamo for Revit in a production setting
    • Learn how to teach your colleague modelers to be lazy