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Discover how Autodesk helps industry leaders across film, TV, and games deliver captivating entertainment experiences.

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Raising the bar for quality 3D content

Global demand for high-quality entertainment is exploding. Whether you're producing a bingeable TV show, a game you can get lost in for hours, or an immersive virtual experience, Autodesk's Design and Make software can help you meet growing demand and deliver beautiful work every time.

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Insights from Design and Make industry leaders

Media and entertainment leaders and experts are optimistic about the global landscape, as well as their companies’ resilience, preparedness, performance, investment, and level of digital transformation.

Creatives across disciplines rely on Autodesk's Design and Make software

Explore the different types of projects Autodesk solutions can be used for.

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On-set production

Keep productions moving, connect creative teams, and bring your vision from script to screen with cutting-edge, collaborative tools.

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Visual effects

From jaw-dropping explosions to fantastical creatures, craft cinematic magic with industry-trusted visual effects software.


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Bring complex CG characters and worlds to life faster and more collaboratively with powerful animation solutions.


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Game development

Create immersive, high-quality worlds and characters that transport game players to extraordinary realms. 


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M&E businesses are betting on AI

Artificial intelligence is becoming a crucial partner in media and entertainment organizations, helping artists be their most creative and production teams accelerate efficiency. Many business leaders see AI as vital for future success, augmenting human creativity and helping teams automate tedious work, so they can focus on doing what they do best - creating great entertainment.

The future of production with Autodesk Flow

Autodesk Flow will connect people, workflows, and data across the entire production lifecycle from on-set production to final delivery. Harnessing the power of an open ecosystem, open standards, and connected data, Flow will help studios collaborate more efficiently, optimize resource planning, and unlock new opportunities for innovation and creativity.

How studios are pushing creative boundaries

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Raising the visual bar with a fully cloud-based pipeline

Leveraging the scalability of the cloud, Untold Studios has been able to tap into the world’s best talent and streamline the flow of information across projects, teams, and the studio to deliver award-winning work.

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Streamlining VFX creation with artist-driven workflows

With Autodesk solutions at the heart of their pipeline, global virtual production and visual effects studio Pixomondo has streamlined VFX delivery on tentpole projects like Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania

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Delivering standout visuals for FINAL FANTASY XVI

For the newest installment of their beloved series, SQUARE ENIX combined a captivating story, stunning graphics, and exciting gameplay to give players an enthralling theatrical experience.


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