Connect the entire production lifecycle with Autodesk Flow

Autodesk Flow will connect people, workflows, and data across the media and entertainment production pipeline for faster content creation in the cloud.

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Our mission: Creativity, unbridled

Imagine a world where your creative workflow actually, you know, flows. Freely. Openly. Collaboratively. Imagine a production pipeline that presents creative solutions rather than obstacles. Imagine creative energy unimpeded by process. That’s our mission. Autodesk Flow will get us there.

Autodesk is on a mission to move the industry forward by breaking down the barriers to creative flow one by one.

The mission is simple. The journey is an adventure.

Creativity requires freedom. Whether you’re a director, artist, editor or producer — bringing your dreams to life means eliminating the barriers that stand in your way. Autodesk Flow, the industry cloud for media and entertainment, built on Autodesk’s Design and Make Platform, lays the foundation for that freedom. Today is just the beginning.


Get excited

Autodesk Flow is a new way of working that will move the entire industry forward, and we want to bring as many people as we can on the journey with us. It’s happening, right now.


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Work better together

Autodesk Flow’s shared industry cloud will allow for more efficient collaboration between teams and studios by creating stronger connections between previously siloed parts of the pipeline. Saving everyone time, money, and headaches.


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Unlock insights

Every production is a learning experience. Autodesk Flow makes those learnings smarter, leveraging data to provide you with fresh insights, so each new experience, whether it’s a current or future project, will run smoother than the last.


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Free the data

Built on a common data environment to streamline sharing of asset data from one application to another, both Autodesk and 3rd party, Flow takes a first-of-its-kind approach to putting the right asset data, in the right hands, right on time.


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Make Flow your own

Break free from existing tool restrictions and layer on your own special brand of creativity. Autodesk Flow’s open ecosystem will make it easier to build, and even monetize, your own APIs to achieve your vision.


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Unbridled creativity

Imagine what your team could accomplish without any barriers standing in the way of their creative flow state? That’s what we’re aiming for. Autodesk Flow will get us there.


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Autodesk Flow: Raising the game with new names

As we work toward a more streamlined creative future with Flow, we’ll be making some changes, and our first two are effective right now. Moxion has been renamed Flow Capture and ShotGrid is now Flow Production Tracking.

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Flow Capture

Powerful cloud-based workflows and review tools for digital filmmakers.

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Flow Production Tracking

Creative project management software for tracking every step of a project through the pipeline.

What's in a name change?

It’s a sign of all the good things to come on the journey to Flow. For the moment, those who know and love ShotGrid and Moxion will continue to enjoy the full range of capabilities you’ve come to expect — with a few new features to look forward to. Now Flow Capture customers get to experience a new, more intuitive UI and Avid Media Composer integration. And in the near future, Flow Production Tracking customers will get new AI-assisted scheduling capabilities.

Once Flow Production Tracking and Flow Capture are fully connected to the industry cloud, that’s where Flow really starts to shine. Breaking down barriers between previously siloed workflows means everyone will be able to work better together.

Track mission progress

We’re excited to kick off this mission in service of unbridled creativity, and even more excited for you to join us. Sign up for email updates to get an insider's view of what’s happening behind the scenes.

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Photo of Autodesk's Matt Sivertson from MovieLabs interview

The importance of data interoperability

MovieLabs’ CEO Richard Berger speaks with Autodesk's Matt Sivertson about how Autodesk is embracing the MovieLabs 2030 Vision and building Flow with data interoperability front and center.

The future of Media & Entertainment

AI, open standards, and the cloud are disrupting the content production landscape. With this increasing complexity, today’s productions demand that directors, artists, editors, producers, and other stakeholders have seamless access to updated project data and a powerful ecosystem of connected tools, enabling real-time global collaboration.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Autodesk Flow

What is Autodesk Flow?

Autodesk Flow is the industry cloud for media and entertainment built on Autodesk’s Design and Make Platform. It connects workflows, data, and teams across the entire production lifecycle from earliest concept to final delivery. With open standards and an open ecosystem laying the foundation, Flow connects every tool in your pipeline, bringing data together seamlessly and accelerating project delivery.

How will Flow connect with existing Autodesk offerings and third-party tools?

To connect siloed data through the entire production lifecycle, we’re building Flow with three core principles in mind:  

  • Open standards are being used to allow production data to flow seamlessly from tool to tool and department to department.  
  • Flow will be an open ecosystem that both Autodesk products and third-party solutions can plug into.  
  • Flow will supercharge our existing desktop products with data, automations, and insights that help you iterate quickly and make more informed creative decisions.  

Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid) and Flow Capture (formerly Moxion) are the first Autodesk products integrated with Flow, creating new, extended workflows for collaboration across the production lifecycle. Enabled by open standards, Flow will allow our existing content creation tools, starting with Maya, and third-party tools like SideFX’s Houdini and Avid Media Composer, to plug into an open ecosystem.

How does Flow integrate with the Autodesk Platform and other industry clouds?

Autodesk Flow is part of the Autodesk Platform, which consists of three industry clouds and a set of common, cloud-based services. In addition to Autodesk Flow, the Autodesk Platform includes industry clouds for manufacturing (Autodesk Fusion) and architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (Autodesk Forma). Autodesk Platform Services offers APIs and services to help visualize and optimize data, build end-to-end custom workflows, and connect processes, applications, and enterprise software.

When will Flow be available?

Customers will be able to request early access to Flow starting in January 2024. Wider availability is anticipated for later in the year, though timing is subject to change. 

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