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The Future of Robotics is yours to make

Autodesk is proud to partner with VEX Robotics and the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation to inspire students to pursue careers in STEM fields, helping close the global skills gap and connecting education to industry through hands-on, curriculum-based robotics engineering programs.

A student works on a robot model on his laptop computer

A career in robotics can start in high school

Skills that take you to a career in robotics

Learn how a group of recent high school graduates took their VEX Robotics experience to a whole new level through a summer internship program. Now they are on their way towards a career in robotics.

Giant bald eagle robot

Learning the future of robot making at Megabots lab

VEX Robotics students learning the future of robot making at Megabots lab

What do VEX Robotics students and MegaBots have in common? Their passion for robots! VEX Robotics 2017 High School World Champions Bryon Tjanaka and Dylon Tjanaka are invited to tour MegaBots lab to learn about how professionals are building robots, and see what it takes to have a robot building career.

Resources for VEX Robotics

  • Recommended software

    Software is available for all students, teachers/mentors, and schools associated with VEX Robotics.

  • Kit of Parts, Tips, Curriculum

    Download models and datasets for VEX IQ, VRC and VEX U; Check out learning videos, tutorials, and curriculum.

  • VEX Robotics Events

    Search for REC Foundation competition events, workshops and camps – and join today.

  • VEX Student Success Story

    See how one VEX participant uses Autodesk software and 3D printing to design a better robot and propel his team to success.

Free access to professional design software

VEX participants and academic institutions worldwide get free* access to the same software used by today’s design professionals. Teams can use digital design tools to enhance their work and save valuable project time, from documenting design ideas to using 3D CAD software to model and test robots before they are built.

Download the VEX Kit of Parts

Autodesk VEX Kit of Parts (KoP)

The Autodesk VEX Parts Library provides you with digital models of all the parts included in the VEX Classroom Kit in Autodesk Inventor. Datasets are available in Imperial and Metric units, and will work for Inventor version 2013 onward. These datasets can also be imported for use in Autodesk Fusion.

Download and unzip these files to save your kit of parts. The download time is estimated at 5 minutes or less.

Fusion 360 KoP for VEX IQ

Fusion 360 KoP for VEX EDR

Tips, Tutorials, and Curriculum

Create a custom robot part for 3D printing

Each lesson is designed for easy integration into a standard one-hour class. Includes both video and print tutorials, as well as VEX datasets to guide students through the engineering design process.

These new courses support two pathways in the VEX robotics program:

  • VEX IQ for young learners using VEX IQ, a simplified snap-together robotics system. Start here.
  • VEX EDR for high school learners using the comprehensive VEX EDR robotics system. Start here.

Design and make a custom part with 3D printing

Learn to make a custom part with quick tutorials, videos and datasets – and then 3D print it. Designed for the REC Foundation online challenge, make a unique part to boost your robot’s potential today.

VEX EDR Curriculum

Autodesk software is integrated into nearly half of the units in the VEX EDR Curriculum, while detailed tutorials appear in Units 4 and 13. Unit 4 teaches teams to use Inventor to design and build their VEX robots, and Unit 13 shows how to use Fusion or Inventor to design, model, and 3D print custom robotics parts.

VEX IQ Video Animations in Inventor

VEX IQ Clawbot: Take a look at what your Clawbot will look like after you complete the build. Download dataset

VEX IQ Armbot: Take a look at what your Armbot will look like after you complete the build. Download dataset

VEX IQ Ike: Take a look at what your Ike will look like after you complete the build. Download dataset

VEX IQ Linq: Take a look at what your Linq will look like after you complete the build. Download dataset

VEX IQ Slick: Take a look at what your Slick will look like after you complete the build. Download dataset

VEX IQ V-Rex: Take a look at what your V-Rex will look like after you complete the build. Download dataset

Autodesk Design Academy

The Autodesk Design Academy features a constantly growing collection of lessons, projects and curriculum support materials that help educators teach students creative confidence in the world of design.

VEX Webinar Series

Whether you are a mentor, teacher, or VEX Robotics team member – these recorded webinars will help you learn and teach how to use Autodesk software to design, document and test your robot, saving valuable build time.

Free Autodesk software and/or cloud-based services are subject to acceptance of and compliance with the terms of use or other applicable terms that accompany such software or cloud-based services. Software and cloud-based services subject to an Educational license may be used solely for Educational Purposes and shall not be used for commercial, professional or any other for-profit purposes. Learn more.

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