XPSWMM to InfoWorks ICM

The next generation of hydraulic and hydrologic modeling. Delivering fast and flexible 1d and 2d models for the water industry.

Evolution of Storm, Sewer and Flood technology

First released for Windows in 1997, XPSWMM aided stormwater and flood professionals to take on the water challenges of the time. Now, 20 years on, the water industry demands modeling solutions that efficiently handle large data sets, that help them understand complex flow conditions across multiple catchments, and that can manage different climate change scenarios and mitigation options to continue delivering water projects with confidence.

Meet InfoWorks ICM.

Upgrade Benefits

Cloud collaboration and simulation

Deliver high quality projects faster – work inside a database designed specifically for hydrodynamic modeling in the cloud, launching large scale batched simulations automatically. 

InfoWorks ICM shows flooding in streets and river

A multi-use tool to solve water challenges

From simple capacity analysis to large scale floodplain management InfoWorks ICM has all of your storm, sewer and floodwater modeling applications in one tool.

InfoWorks ICM Single Basin Design

Smart validation tools reduce risk of human error

Model data is validated on-the-go as you work, notifying you of errors in red and warnings in yellow, with information-only suggestions in blue.  

InfoWorks ICM Wastewater Level of Service

Less repetition, more streamlined project delivery

Create your own tools to short-cut common workflows in your projects. Automation allows you to deliver more projects in less time. 

InfoWorks ICM GPU Simulation

Seeing is believing

Visualise model results in multiple views including long sections, graphs, tables, 3D and plans all dynamically linked to better understand your network.

InfoWorks ICM Wastewater Cross Section

Customer Impact

"Extremely helpful at getting me up and running from XPSWMM to InfoWorks ICM. Now I just couldn’t go back! InfoWorks ICM has a tool for every job, be it determining the detention volume of a single rainwater tank, to undertaking a 2D flood analysis of a river. The 2D aspects of the software are extremely intuitive and much easier to set up than other products I have used. I fully recommend InfoWorks ICM".

— Greg Smith, Registered Surveyor, Metrini


Who uses InfoWorks ICM today?

InfoWorks ICM is our stormwater and wastewater modeling solution. In fact, many former XPSWMM/XPSTORM users have already migrated to InfoWorks ICM and the feedback has been extremely positive, particularly regarding the enriched user experience, higher productivity and powerful data management with full version control and unlimited UNDO capability not available in XPSWMM/XPSTORM.

Is there any loss of functionality moving from XPSWMM to InfoWorks ICM?

All the standard workflows needed to support Storm, Sewer and Flood modeling are available in InfoWorks ICM. In 2018, the SWMM engine was added as a secondary hydraulic engine to support modelers more familiar with that engine.

For any unique workflows specific to your region or project we recommend getting in touch with our product experts to confirm compatibility.

How do I convert my old models to InfoWorks ICM?

A special migration file can be produced by exporting the model as an XPX file from within the XPSWMM/XPSTORM interface. This can then be imported directly into InfoWorks ICM using the toolbar Network > Import > Model. The effort required to migrate existing models is model-dependent and varies from importing, re-running, and validating results using the latest engines to model rebuilds. You can continue to view your XPSWMM/XPSTORM models and results to enable successful model migration.

Will my results be the same?

XPSWMM/XPSTORM and InfoWorks ICM solve the Saint-Venants equations for unsteady flow in both the 1-dimension and 2-dimension, relying on the same underlying assumptions. Although, these equations are solved differently in both solutions, comparable results are expected when the models have been developed with suitable input parameters providing a good representation of the catchment conditions.

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