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Make anything with Autodesk solutions

Autodesk is a global leader in the Design and Make Platform category. Our software is used by designers, builders, engineers, manufacturers, 3D artists, and production teams to solve today’s most challenging problems.

From greener buildings to smarter products to mesmerizing blockbusters, Autodesk solutions help our customers to design and make a better world for all.

Close up of vibrant coral reefs

Image courtesy of Autodesk / Tim Campbell

Saving the world's coral reefs

Coral Maker is partnering with Autodesk to scale coral reef restoration, giving marine life a new place to call home for generations to come.

A 3D visualization of one of the angles of the restored Notre-Dame Cathedral, created by Autodesk.

Rebuilding Notre-Dame

Discover the partnership between Autodesk and The Public Institution Rebâtir Notre-Dame de Paris, committing to a journey of resilience and rebirth and dedicated to the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral.


2023 State of Design & Make

The first-annual State of Design & Make report presents global data for leaders who design and make places, objects, and experiences.

Stories of innovators designing and making a better world

Advancing climate research in Antarctica

British Antarctic Survey is modernizing its research facilities on the remote continent, using sustainable construction.

Revolutionizing the boundaries of utility vehicles

Rivian integrates VR into their design studio and speeds up the design and validation process, reducing material costs.

Bringing the next-generation studio to life

To deliver the magic of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Amazon Studios adopted cloud-based production.

The platform to make anything

Autodesk Platform Services offers three industry clouds for managing your assets and workflows, creating a new era of working with cloud-connected data and collaboration.