A Letter from the Future

A Design and Make movement is underway. Stop the doomscroll and discover how architects, engineers, builders, and creators are making a better world. You’re invited to join them.

See how problem solvers are fixing the future

Tackling the housing crisis

Project Phoenix is fixing the future by using AI and modular construction to build large multi-family housing in half the cost, time, and carbon footprint.


Living without limits

Limbitless Solutions is fixing the future by designing and making bionic prosthetics with Fusion for children who need them.


Inspiring the next generation

Autodesk is fixing the future of design and make education and bridging the talent gap by offering students free access to our software.



2024 State of Design & Make

Our global, annual study reveals insights from industry leaders on how digital transformation drives business resilience, sustainability, and talent management.

More Autodesk customer stories of designing and making a better world

Saving coral reefs

Coral Maker is fixing the future of ocean habitats by using AI, robotics, and manufacturing technology to rapidly scale restoration of coral reefs.


Connecting communities

Bridges to Prosperity is fixing the future of infrastructure by using AI to design and build trail bridges that connect rural communities with access to the places they need.


Rebuilding the future

The Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation is fixing the future by using Autodesk's Design and Make software to rebuild highway bridges to withstand 500-year storm events.


The platform to make anything

The Autodesk Platform offers three industry-specific clouds for managing your assets and workflows, creating a new era of working with cloud-connected data and collaboration.

Amazing things are designed and made every day with Autodesk's Design and Make Platform

Celebrating the designers and makers

Together, Autodesk and Star Wars Original series, The Acolyte, empower innovators who design and make limitless galaxies–here and far, far away.

Image courtesy of Disney

Rendering of Autodesk logo on Sphere Vegas.

A powerful team-up of creative forces

Autodesk and Marvel Studios’ The Marvels join together to push creative boundaries using Autodesk's Design and Make software.

A 3D visualization of one of the angles of the restored Notre-Dame Cathedral, created by Autodesk.

Rebuilding Notre-Dame

Discover the partnership between Autodesk and The Public Institution Rebâtir Notre-Dame de Paris, committing to a journey of resilience and rebirth and dedicated to the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral.

Image courtesy of The Public Establishment dedicated to the conservation and restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral and Art Graphique & Patrimoine