Celebrate the designers and makers

Together, Autodesk and Star Wars Original series, The Acolyte, celebrate the innovators who bring your favorite droids, lightsabers, and creatures to life using Autodesk's Design and Make Platform.

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Designers and makers like you inspired by the Force

For product designers

See how product designers push the boundaries of design and manufacturing with Autodesk Fusion.

For visual effects artists

Learn how VFX artists use animation software like Maya to conjure visual magic across every galaxy.

For drafters

Explore how designers across industries use the power of AutoCAD to turn imagination into reality.

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The future starts in today's classrooms

We celebrate the next generation of designers and makers, and the teachers who inspire them to reach galaxies far, far away.

Neal Scanlan pointing at droid shown in Fusion on computer screen

Behind the scenes with legendary special effects artist, Neal Scanlan

As head of the Star Wars creature shop, Neal and his team have used Fusion to turn conceptual artwork into practical droids, blasters, and more, including the newest droid in the Star Wars Original series, The Acolyte. With Autodesk software, Neal and his team have made super-detailed props and beings that breathe life into the Star Wars galaxy and its many worlds.

Droid on mesh mountain landscape

Image courtesy of Disney

Meet the droids inspired by a galaxy far, far away

See the Autodesk Droid Maker Contest designs, created with Autodesk software, in celebration of the new Star Wars Original series, The Acolyte.

The platform to make anything

Autodesk's Design and Make Platform includes three industry clouds, Forma, Fusion, and Flow, that connect data, utilize AI-powered insights and automations, and help deliver business outcomes faster.